Of Kayaks And Sunsets

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Four weeks ago we were in Naples, Florida.

We went to my favorite access point onto the public beach to watch the sunset.

Very few people were on the beach, which was a shame because the sunset was beautiful that night.

Not so much colorful, as dramatic.

Astonishing in its intensity.

As we watched the sun setting we noticed one person kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico.

The kayaker, who was only a tiny speck compared to the ocean, added perspective to the scene.

Peaceful.  Balanced.  Confident.

Moving forward with ease.

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Happy Leap Day Everyone 🙂

How To Charm Me

My late aunt kept a scrapbook throughout her teen years.  In it she put mementos from her social life.  After she died a few years ago, I inherited the scrapbook.  Below is an invitation to a girlfriend’s party that I found in the scrapbook.  I love how it reflects the style of the times.  Hello, Art Deco!

~ • ~ 

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As if the beauty of this old invitation isn’t enough to charm me, if you look closely you’ll see that the girl giving the party has signed her name quite clearly. And who is this girl, you wonder?  Well, I know the answer to that.

She is Marilyn Meseke, who later became Miss America 1938.  And as such, thanks to news reel footage shown in movie theaters around the country, Marilyn was the first Miss America ever seen on-screen receiving her crown.

Pretty cool, huh?

My Three Rules

A couple of weeks ago I found this delightful post: “I’m better than Gibbs. I only need three rules.”  It’s written by Jo White aka Mediamum.  I like what she has to say and how she says it.

Reading her post got me thinking about what my 3 rules might be.  Here’s what I decided.

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

1.  Arrive pre-amused.

Swiped this idea directly from The Little Book of Letting Go by Hugh Prather.  Attitude is everything, no?

2.  Embrace complexity.

I started saying this after we moved from a smaller city to this here big city where nothing is straightforward or easy.  Instead of whining about everything, I adopted this point of view.  It has served me well. 

3.  Say thank you.

It’s good manners.  It’s a prayer.  It makes your mother happy.  So why not demonstrate your grasp of successful interpersonal relationships and say it, huh?

~ ~ • ~ ~ 

What are your three rules?  Or do you have more than three a la Leroy Jethro Gibbs?  Please share in comments below– or on your own blog.  We’d love to know.

Weekend This & That

  I tried three new recipes.  One, Roasted Grape And Pecan Stuffing from Ladies’ Home Journal Nov ’11, was a keeper.  The other two, which I found online, were not worth the bother.  So it goes.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  I’m still fussing around with what to do about the drapes in the eat-in part of the kitchen.  Bay window, round table– and I’m indecisive about how high to hang the drapes.  All sorts of variables for me to fret over.  Life is in the details.  

√  I made us mint juleps with the end of the mint from our herb garden.  The weather forecast says that we’ll have a hard frost this week, so I doubt that the mint will be there next weekend.  Waste not, want not.

  I went with Zen-Den to a professional football game on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was in the lower 60s and Luther Vandross sang the national anthem.  We were in a box with a mellow group of people.  No stress, no fuss.  Just comfy seats and good food– watching the home team almost win.  Every little thing gonna be all right.

Our New Entry System Is Here

Two weeks ago we had our new front door [oops, I mean] entry system installed.  We like it very much.  I can already tell that it is going to save us money on energy costs.  [More about our decision to get a new door here.]

We both find it pretty to look at– and to look through.  Neither one of us has ever lived in a house with beveled glass, so this is new to us.  Pretty, pretty.

~ ~ • ~ ~

Knock, knock!  Look at the satin nickel hardware on our door.  No more ugly, worn-out, formerly shiny brass.  For this alone, I give thanks.

~ ~ • ~ ~

Hey, look at what I can see standing inside the house and looking out through the sidelights.

~ ~ • ~ ~

And then, there’s this view above the door.

~ ~ • ~ ~

And this funky view through some of the beveled glass on the sidelights.

~ ~ • ~ ~

And finally, just so you know, here’s what I’m looking at through the glass outside the front door.

~ ~ • ~ ~

Let’s Get It Started In Here


NaBloPoMo 2011


Guess what I’ve decided to do.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait while you figure it out.

[HINT: look to your right and read the details on the big square.  Click on it, if you so choose.]

Yes, I’ve joined something.

[I know… it’s not like me, the free-spirit, to get involved in anything organized.]

And the something that I’ve joined is National Blog Post Month– informally known as NaBloPoMo.

[Cute nickname, huh?  It’s fun to say really fast as you type it.  Don’t judge me… we all make our fun where we find it.]

So, what does this really mean?

[If you’ve read this far down the page, then you must be a skoosh curious about what I’m up to this time.]

It means that I’ll be posting to this blog every day in November.  Contributing as much flapdoodle and twaddle to the blogosphere as I can.

[Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  A challenge.  An adventure.  A way to make bloggy friends.  Plus,  for a limited time only, “Glorious Madness.”]

So for the next thirty days, I’ll write.  You’ll read.  And we’ll chat in the comments below.

[Any questions?]