Our Lawn Has Mange

No act of kindness goes unpunished.  I relearn this lesson all the time.

Last summer when we had the worst drought ever, I decided to save water by not watering our lawn more than once a week.  Unlike most of our neighbors, we don’t have an underground watering system that keeps all the little grass blades bathed in a perfect, almost daily shower of water.

At our house, I’m the watering system [to date still above ground] that drags hoses and water sprinklers around the yard in a somewhat random, well-intentioned manner.  I do my best.  And usually my best is just fine because Mother Nature cooperates with me and provides some addition water to the area.

But not last summer.

Now that spring is almost here and we can see the results of my let’s-be-kind-to-the-planet-by-not-watering-very-much plan, we realize that we are screwed. Unlike most of our neighbors whose lawns look whole and alive, we have a lawn with mange that will cost a bundle– a break the bank sort of bundle— to fix.

Or so says the guy from the landscaper company who came over the other day to talk with me about this situation.  And I believe him because it’s a reputable company.  And I believe him because my online research on the costs of having a professional company reseed a lawn in the spring say the same thing.

Unfortunately I have no pithy conclusion to this story of dead grass woe.   Perhaps something good is yet to come from my save-the-water kindness. I dunno.  Right now all I see is a mess with a big price tag that will keep me snarling for many months to come.


7 thoughts on “Our Lawn Has Mange

  1. Dang. We had the same problem around here, and we ended up paying a bunch of money to have someone come and rip out the dead lawn and put in drought tolerant plants and tan bark. I miss the lawn, but this is much better for the environment, and uses MUCH less water.


  2. Dang–I hate it when our good intentions bite us in the butt. I’m afraid to not water the lawn in the summer, although with our usually mild weather, I can get away with it. Sorry about the $. How much are they talking?


  3. J, we’re moving in the direction that you went. There’s going to be less grass and more drought resistant/ deer resistant shrubs and perennials when this project is completed.

    Margaret, we’re talking thousands. This is a half acre lot so there’s lots of ‘mange’ around here.


  4. We’re changing out more than just the grass. Between last summer’s drought, deer, rabbits, moles, old plants and a wind storm that brought down some trees, our property is a mess. All of which equals big dollars. *sigh*


  5. Our lawn is full of weeds, even though we spray it every spring and fall with weed killer. I’ve decided to let what ever is green grow! Our neighbors spend money every month having someone come and spray terrible smelling stuff on their lawn. And their lawns really don’t look much better than ours. I mowed yesterday and it looks so much better.


  6. Beth, lawns are not my favorite thing in the whole wide world. And having to replace so much of it is not making me the happiest of campers. Yet, we’re here and there needs to be something green out there, so….


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