I know that it is customary in the blogosphere to put a photo of yourself on your blog.  As I understand it, the reasoning goes that by showing the world what you look like, more people will be interested in what you have to say.  You will be legit.

[I have my doubts about the truth of this assumption, but that isn’t what I’m in the mood to talk about today.]

So, not wanting to seem standoffish or out-of-touch, I decided to look for a picture of me.  This project seemed easy enough until I realized that I have very few photos of me.  I think that I must have been Amish in another life because I don’t like to have my photo taken.  Ever.

Still, I persevered and eventually I found this photo of me, age 3 (maybe 4?).

I think that this photo is close enough to what I look like now to qualify as a current photo of me. I still squint when looking into the sun.  I still have short blonde, sometimes curly, not quite straight hair.  I still have a rather casual approach to everyday outfits.

However, there are two important things about me that have changed since this photo was snapped.  First, I wear glasses all the time.

[Feel free to print this photo and draw glasses on me.  Make them kind of rectangular, rimless, with no-line bifocals– and make them very expensive.]

And second, I no longer carry a toy gun with me wherever I go.  I cannot overemphasize this point enough.

You see, this photo was taken during my “Wyatt Earp/Dale Evans” phase when I was convinced that if I dragged this gun around with me all the time, I’d eventually get my parents to buy me a cute little cowgirl outfit.  My tactics failed.  I never got the outfit and at some point a few months after this photo was taken, my little gun mysteriously got broken and was thrown out.

While it’s true that I never achieved my cowgirl dreams, this photo of me and the toy gun remains today.  And because of it I can show the world who I really am.  Or was. And more importantly, I can show the world that I’m a serious blogger with a picture of myself clearly posted for everyone to see.

11 thoughts on “Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay

  1. Where’s your hand-drawn moustache? That’s what I wore at that time to make the cowboy theme authentic. I owned no toy handguns, but “borrowed” my brother’s at times to accent the cowboy boots and — not meaning to brag here — my VEST…


  2. Sherry, you were more clever than I was at that age. I just tried to subtly influence my parents with a hint of what I wanted. I should of been more proactive, it seems.


  3. Like the picture!! Very Cute! Also like your blog! I was in Columbus over the weekend at my Aunt’s funeral. Rain and then snow…..no wonder I love Texas!


    • Hey there Ruth. I’m happy that you found my blog. I like the picture, too. It’s kind of a goof– but then so am I!

      (Sorry to hear about your aunt.)


  4. I wouldn’t have noticed the toy gun, so I’m glad you mentioned it. I’ll avoid making you angry–just in case that Dale Evans phase comes back. Cute photo! I was very blond too when younger, but became brunette in my late teens.


  5. Margaret, when I first found this photo I didn’t notice the gun either. Then when I started looking at the photo I saw it and I remembered how much I wanted to be a cowgirl. Shattered dreams, I tell ‘ya. 🙂


  6. i went through an annie get your gun phase as a child.

    i don’t normally have pictures of myself on my blog either, but this week was different. i was trying to encourage myself to get dressed properly. 🙂 you know, be presentable in public. but it was more for me than for anyone else.

    do the amish really not like having their pictures taken?


  7. julochka, I’ve always been told that the Amish don’t like to have their photos taken because it robs them of their sense of self– or something like that. I probably should of researched that more before I said it.

    Michelle, lol here. Glad that you found me. I have no interest in being a daily blogger again, but once or twice a week I’ll try to post something. I’m going to be a much more relaxed blogger than before. Simplify… don’t you know?!


  8. So glad you are blogging again. I still say you need to write a book. I love your style!
    A wonderful picture and a wonderful memory for you! Kris is the one in our family who got a full cowgirl outfit with a red cowgirl hat!


  9. Beth, thanks for the compliment. I don’t know that I have it in me to write a whole book, but a few blog posts every once in awhile I can do.

    I bet that Kris looked adorable as a cowgirl.


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