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It’s Get To Know Your Neighbor’s Trash Day in our suburb this morning.

Monday is trash day here and most neighbors put their trash by the curb on Sunday night.  Last night we had high winds that blew everyone’s trash around the yards and into the street.  So far no one has been a slug about picking up the mess in front of their property.  Yeah!

However, every once in a while we have someone who moves here and refuses to pick up any trash but their own.  We don’t like those sort of people.  They don’t last long here in Mom Trails.  [That’s my nickname for this subdivision.]

Word of the day is slabjacking. I love saying it.  *slabjacking*

It means that our front sidewalk will be “magically” lifted from underneath to make the sidewalk level again and connect with the bottom of the front stoop.  This requires specialized equipment and the expertise of a concrete company.  *slabjacking*

Currently the front sidewalk is uneven and sinking to the right which is dangerous and ugly.  When the company finishes this repair, we will have a level sidewalk and everything will look almost like new.  *slabjacking*

I’m allergic to April.

My allergist refers to my particular allergies as “rose fever.”  I’d be a darned bit less snarly about these allergies if there were some roses on the bushes now.  But the bushes around here are all thorny and dormant with no flowers on them.

I asked my allergist about this obvious discrepancy between reality [no roses in sight] and his term for my malady [clearly based on the concept of roses causing something].  He just laughed, said it was an old-fashioned term, and kept on telling me what to do to relieve my itchy, bitchy, twitchy-ness.  Nothing like modern medicine, eh?

6 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I’m sorry to report that there will be no slabjacking today. It’s gray and ominous outside right now with a huge thunderstorm on the way within the hour. The crew was here, but decided that it was risky to try and do the work today. So, we’re back on the schedule for later in the week… maybe… if the weather cooperates.


  2. I had never heard of slabjacking, but I’m sure my husband, the construction guy, has heard of it. Picking up trash is no fun. I pick up whatever I can, but some of it is VERY gross.


  3. Margaret, I’d never heard of slabjacking either. Z-D knew about it, though. Can’t wait for the work to be completed. The uneven surface is dangerous.

    You are right about the grossness of picking up trash. Just makes our Monday mornings that much more special. 😉


  4. Inspecting trash is not quite like inspecting bookshelves . . . although I’m sure it tells a story. (Personally, I can’t resist checking out the contents of people’s shopping carts in the grocery store . . . THAT tells you a lot.)
    I’ve never lived in a cold climate, and thus you have educated me on a new concept: slabjacking. Goodness. Do you have to do that every year?
    Where are you? (or is that a secret?)


  5. Bee, I’m happy to say that slabjacking is only something that need be done once a decade here in Ohio– if that. When concrete becomes unbalanced, you can either have it all replaced [very $$$] or try to save it by re-leveling sections of it [only $]. We went the cheaper route because most of our sidewalk and driveway are still in good shape. It’s kind of “a stitch in time saves nine” thing to do.


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