Rambling Thoughts From A Sleepless Night

~ I rarely have insomnia, but last night I did not sleep.  Too hot and humid outside.  Too noisy and AC-y inside.  I just couldn’t get comfy, so… 

•  I got up and surfed the internet until the battery in my notebook died– which was 2.25 hours.  I decided to go back to many of the new-to-me blogs where I’ve left comments over the past few months.  It takes quite a bit of focus and prayer for me to reach out to strangers and leave them a comment.  I know that comments are a good way of making friends in the blogosphere and I want to have more bloggy friends.  So I take a deep breath, write something sincere, and push “publish.”

It’s not easy for me, but I do it.

Checking back to see how well-received my comments were, I discovered that 40% of the new-to-me bloggers responded back to me – yeah!  40% of the new-to-me bloggers said nothing – hmm?  And 20% of the new-to-me bloggers didn’t even allow my comment to show up on their blogs – ouch!

•  After the battery went dead in my notebook I just wandered around the inside of the house in the dark, looking out the windows at nature and moonlight and total stillness.  I like doing this because it centers me in the moment, encourages me to look within.  I used to always get up early to do this, but fell out of the habit at some point.

While I was moseying around I got thinking about my health.  I’ve just finished a battery of annual tests and am quite healthy, thank you very much.  The only issue is that my cholesterol is a bit high.

Just something more to be aware of, I guess.

As I don’t know of anyone who eats meat who doesn’t have slightly elevated cholesterol, I’m rather “whatever” about this fact.  I figure that some small changes in my diet and a bit more exercise will fix this issue.  I avoid pharmaceuticals at all costs, so I will take on the challenge of making myself better all by myself.  No pills for me, says the doctor’s daughter.

•  Around 5:30 a.m. I decided it was time to make a pot of coffee and get on with the day.  After the elixir of life brewed, I poured myself a large mug of it and went outside to sit on the deck.  Morning was just starting to grace the sky with streaky, pink clouds and yellowish bursts of weak sunlight.  There were bats flying around everywhere– and birds chirping about something of [presumably] birdy importance.

I like our deck because it looks into the forest prime evil primeval
that leads to the ravine behind our house.  But this morning I was a bit wistful as I looked at the natural mess that is back there.  In a couple of weeks, we will have a new backyard.

Change is good.  And inevitable when you live on a hillside.

The backyard project will put in place a poured concrete landscaping wall.  Then about 28 tons of dirt will be hauled in to level off some of the land.  After that, the landscapers will plant lots of bushes in a visually pleasing, manicured way– which will transform our backyard into a more useable, but decidedly less rustic, place to be.

~ I’ve got nothing more to add to this post.  Morning is here and I’m ready to get on with my day.  I kind of wonder how productive I’ll be today, but figure that I’ll give it my best shot.  Some days “good enough” is the new “perfect.”

12 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts From A Sleepless Night

  1. Lisa, you made me laugh. I already counted you in the 40% who acknowledged me. I figured that if you followed me on twitter that was a response to my commenting on your blog. But I thank you for stopping by to say “hi” here on one of most rambling posts yet.

    Lord love a duck, I need a nap.


  2. Elixir of life is how I regard coffee also!! Taking a sip is almost a religious experience. I’ve never had insomnia problems–but have been having that issue more and more. Too much on my mind. My cholesterol is a bit high too, but my good cholesterol is the culprit. I eschew meds also! I had a comment from a new reader and she laid it out on the line about exactly what to expect from her ie she would read a lot but not comment, etc…Then I went to her site and her about me scared me to death, all about DO NOT contact me or ask me anything, etc…Not too sure how I feel about that.


  3. Margaret, I kind of knew that you were a fan of the coffee bean. It keeps us going, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always been a good sleeper so being awake ALL night was so strange to me. Surreal.

    Someone says not to contact her or question her? That’s a complete opposite of how I interpret blogging. To me the point of keeping a blog is to question and talk and learn. I want some honest, respectful interaction, not just a blank wall of no comments.

    Hmm. Go figure.


  4. That is peculiar that your comments didn’t show up! I know some bloggers have to approve all the comments, and maybe they’re slow on the approval process.

    I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t sleep at night. Oh wait. Yes, I do. It was when I was pregnant. And I remember thinking, “Pretty soon I will be so tired that this doesn’t happen.” Sure enough. These days I fall asleep pretty much whenever I can!


  5. Stephanie, you may be right about the slowness re: the moderation of comments. I hadn’t thought of that. Everyone approaches blogging in such different ways.

    Yes, I bet that you sleep like a log. And for good reason. I usually do, but not the other night.


  6. Lovely post, Ally, I too enjoy the early morning quiet. I noticed your spellchecker is still messing with you. It changed the word “primeval” into two words “prime evil” which produced for me a vision of Jason from the Friday The 13th movies bursting through the trees holding a running chain saw in his hands, the noise of the chain saw shattering the morning stillness and causing the birds to flee in fear. Now that would surely keep you awake for another 24 hours. 🙂


  7. la p, you’re good. I reread what I wrote, but didn’t catch the spelling mistake. Of course, being sleep deprived when writing doesn’t help. I’ll fix that within the post and within the system.

    However, I love your vision of my dramatic demise. Decidedly not the sort of image to guarantee sleep.


  8. My goodness. I’ve had sleepless nights and know how anxiety filling they can be…looking at the clock, convincing yourself that everyone else in the world is asleep. This description is so calm and beautiful I’m going to remember it next time I have trouble falling asleep. Also, I am entirely new to blogging and I take a huge gulp every time I leave a comment. It’s is such a strange world…glad I’m not the only one who feels that way 🙂


  9. Kacey, you’re so right. I kept looking at the clock, feeling sorry for myself, wanting to sleep. Weird, surreal experience for me.

    I’m glad to know someone else feels a bit hesitant, worried before leaving a comment somewhere new. I do it, but not without a pep talk first.


  10. Hi tobe, glad that you found my corner of the web. And thanks for the compliments. I can say “love your blog” right back at ‘ya. You share the most interesting ideas and images. Very wonderful.


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