Keeping Up With The {Energy Conscious} Joneses

We’re getting a new front door– or more accurately: a new Entry System.

[One must use the jargon that one encounters when one is working with individuals in a new and different industry, mustn’t one?]

Three times during the last few week we met here at the house with the sales rep from the door and window store.  While our windows are fine, our front door is older, wooden, and because of sun exposure, impossible to keep properly refinished.  Many of our neighbors have replaced their Entry Systems with more energy-efficient/visually pleasing doors and sidelights.  So after talking with the sales rep, we decided to do the same thing.

Our new Entry System will be a six-panel American cherry-stained fiberglass door with no glass in it.  Half sidelights and an arched transom with beveled glass and gluechip glass complete the Entry System.  Pretty and private.

Of course, it’ll be weeks until this door is made;  having a special order arched transom slows production down a bit.  And then who knows how long after that until the door can be installed.

Nothing is fast in the world of home improvement.  But that’s probably a good thing.  It gives me more time to practice saying Entry System out loud– without rolling my eyes as I say it.  Lord knows, I wouldn’t want to use the wrong term for our new front door.  😉

10 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The {Energy Conscious} Joneses

  1. My front door usually looks like crap. When Champ and I come back from walks he’s so eager to get his treat that he jumps against the door, leaving scratches and, sometimes, mud. And in this heat and humidity the paint mildews. I don’t much care since I don’t have to look at it except briefly. If my neighbors don’t like how it looks they can come over and paint it. The pressure-wash guy washes the house every September and the door looks nice for a couple of weeks after that.

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  2. Mike, it would seem then that you won’t be following the Joneses and getting a new Entry System! With a dog who scratched and muddied the door, I’d probably do the same thing. And I’m sure that you enjoy your clean, nice door for the few weeks in Sept that it is that way….

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  3. That is an amazing “entry system” but we’re too busy right now doing sinks and kitchen. Our front door has water spots all over the bottom from some idiot who can’t set the sprinkler in the right place. 😉

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  4. Margaret, we did the kitchen stuff first, too. But with our extremely cold winters and stupidly hot summers a better insulating door and sidelights seem important. So soon we, too, will have a new Entry System. [There I said it without rolling my eyes.]

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  5. Thanks for stopping by. That is an awesome door… I agree that it is more than a door and deserves to be called a system. We had double door, well, only one really opened, on that last house we owned. All 8 years we lived there we relly meant to get a “system”, but never did it. You will love it. I know I would have.

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  6. Kathy, I think that you’re right. We’ll probably enjoy it the most from inside the house when the sun shines in. But it will make the outside of the house look pretty snazzy, too. And there’s always the energy savings.

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