Oh Well. Whatever.

[This is my second attempt to publish this post.  How appropriate that my week should end with me unable to get one simple post to show up on my blog.]

It’s Friday and I’ve not accomplished one thing that I set out to do this week.  Nary a one. There would have been a time when this would have made me very upset with myself. Surly, even.

But not any more.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”  (Bible.  King Jame Version.  Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Good advice.  I figure that as long as I’m accomplishing something positive each day– even if it’s not what I set out to do— I’m doing okay.  I trust the process more now than I used to, and I don’t confuse my self-worth with the results.

Not that I don’t like results.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of accomplishing things. It’s just that I’ve come to understand that I can control only so much of anything, everything– and the best that I can do is to make a go of what’s right in front of me.

“You adapt. You overcome. You improvise.”  (Heartbreak Ridge.  Clint Eastwood as Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway)

So that’s what I’ve done this week.  Spent more time online than I would have liked. Spent more time researching future projects than I wanted to. Spent more time goofing around in the kitchen and in the garden.  All the while not finishing that which I wanted to finish.  That which I’d planned on finishing this week.

Don’t know what it all means.  Don’t know that it matters.  This is just where I find myself on a Friday afternoon.  Nowhere near where I thought I’d be on Monday morning.


10 thoughts on “Oh Well. Whatever.

  1. Margaret, I know what you mean. While I’m screwing up everything I touch related to the computer today, I’m listening to all the news about the east coast. It’s all got me kind of rattled, I think. I NEED a weekend off.


  2. I managed to get all of my hurricane prep done. I even cut the grass before rain floods the yard and my laundry done before I (might) lose power!


  3. I’ve always been a list maker, even waking up in the middle of the night to add something to a to do list. It’s hard to let that go and just relax and let the day dictate what I should do. I love the Bible verse from Ecclesiastes. I have it posted on the fridge. Maybe I can start relaxing and taking each day as it comes…….tomorrow!


  4. Beth, I’ve learned to let it flow. I used to be so much more in charge, but now I just accept what is. I have lists, but never really think that I’ll be able to get much done on them. That being said, last week was a doozy of a week for NOT getting things finished. Even by my low standards!


  5. Sue, i’m glad to hear from you. Been wondering how it’s going for you. I agree, that compared to Hurricane Irene, my week was a breeze. Stay safe, my dear.


  6. Just exactly what I needed to read today. I had so many things I wanted to do today, and said I would be happy just finishing ONE thing on my to do list. Wouldn’t you know it? I didn’t even get one thing done (although I have time yet, and hopefully “hook up the printer” will get done when I’m done wandering the Internet). I was feeling fussy about it all, but then I remembered that I gave up getting anything done for conversations with my sis-in-law, time at the creek with the girls, and visiting with my out-of-town brother. It was good.


  7. Stephanie, I know what you mean about feeling fussy about not getting anything finished. Yet, like you, when I look back on things I usually find that I did something worthwhile. Just different than what I’d planned on doing.


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