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{august – monday – late afternoon}

√  No, I haven’t lost my mind.  Yet.

On Friday, after I wrote and published my earlier post, I did something really annoying; I accidentally deleted my blog template.  Not the blog contents, mind you– just the template.  So, I had to find myself a new template– right quick, as they say.  And this little banana number is the one that I picked.

It’s kind of cheerful, don’t you think?  And the price is right– as in FREE.

Someday I’ll work on putting together a more appropriate header, but until that magic day arrives I plan on sticking with this bunch of bananas.

√   The Big Dig continues.

The landscape crew is here today planting bushes & shrubs & perennials & who knows what else.  This project has dragged on for so long now, with so many revisions, that I no longer know [or care] what is being planted.  I’m beginning to think of Greg, the land planner guy in charge of this project, as my very own Eldon.

Did Eldon ever finish painting Murphy’s townhouse?  Will Greg ever finish creating a backyard for us?  Stay tuned to find out.

√  I want to paint the hutch that is in our dining room.

(Actually, to be entirely accurate and forthcoming, it isn’t a hutch– it’s a pie safe.  But no one knows what that is, so I’ve taken to calling it a hutch.)

The “hutch” has scratches, gouges and is a dreary dark brown color.  Not pretty at all. But what color should I paint it?  Therein lies the problem.

So I’ve spent much of this afternoon looking online at photos of hutches.  I now can say that my head is swimming with possibilities— none of which seem quite right to me, but all of which are quite lovely to look at in someone else’s home.

I was hoping that after an hour or two of online research, I’d  find the perfect hutch– painted the perfect color– and it’d become my inspiration.  Which would give me the confidence to go forward with this messy, labor-intensive project.

But no such luck.  Yet.

6 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I’m going to paint our hutch too! (Well, actually, it’s a china cabinet.) I’ve been pinning ideas and how-tos in Pinterest, and I think I’ve finally settled on just painting it a cream color and having some fun color inside. I kinda wanted to paint it something other than cream, but I know that in the end that’s the color I would have wanted it. So.
    Good luck finding the perfect color!


  2. Stephanie, I think that cream may be the way I go with our “hutch.” It’s pretty and adapts to any decor. But then I think that I like gray… and indecision sets in. Will check your Pinterest page to see what you’ve found.


  3. I absolutely hate making decisions about colors; I have no “eye” and thus no confidence! I also despise projects that drag on when I’m ready for them to be finished.


  4. Margaret, I can pick color, but not easily. It’s those sneaky undertones that trip me up. So I’m very, very cautious about what colors we use.

    And, oh yes, I’m soooo ready for this landscape project to be finished.


  5. kacey, thanks for the link. Amazing. Who knew?

    “The banana was introduced at the 1876, actually in Philadelphia, at the Centennial Exhibition. That’s where it sort of had its coming out party to the masses. But this was a Victorian era, and the idea of eating a suggestively shaped banana was considered pretty uncouth.”

    And the whole part about bananas becoming extinct in the next 10-30 years is too much for me to bear. Say it isn’t so. Bananas are too popular for their own good, I guess.


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