Driving Mr. Bean

Zen-Den has fractured his foot.  His right foot, to be exact.

He doesn’t know how he did this.  Sometimes weird stuff happens.  All he knows for sure is that: 1) it hurts A LOT when he puts any weight on it;  & 2) the X-rays taken yesterday at the ER confirm that it should hurt a lot when he puts any weight on it.

The words “stress fracture” have been bandied about.

He is not to put any weight on it AT ALL.  So, for the moment, Z-D has a temporary soft cast on his foot.  He’s walking/ hobbling/ hopping with crutches. This is not a smooth or quiet process.  However, he is getting to his destinations unaided, so I won’t complain.

This afternoon we go to the orthopedic surgeon who will either: 1) schedule him for surgery [BOO!];  or 2) put a walking cast on his foot [YEA!].

In either case, I will be driving Zen-Den everywhere he needs to go in the next 6-8 weeks [maybe longer!!!]. To doctors’ appointments.  To work.  To wherever.  Because, as I previously mentioned, it’s his RIGHT foot that he has hurt.  The foot which pushes the pedals that start and stop the car.

Oy vey!  This is going to be a long fall.

Late afternoon update:  We’ve been to the doc and it’s good news all around.

The fracture is so slight that there’s no need for surgery– or even a cast.  Instead, Z-D is to take one month of anti-inflammatory meds + he is to slowly, deliberately keep walking– first with the crutches, and then without them.

Meaning that in about 30 days he should be as good as new– walking, driving, and jumping for joy when ‘ere he wishes to do so.

I’m smiling.  A really, really big smile. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Driving Mr. Bean

  1. So sorry for Z-D—and you! I remember when I broke my right leg in 2 places(and didn’t know it–walked on it for 6 weeks) and drove myself downtown to Columbia to schedule a wierd surgery for something they thought it was. The MRI showed the breaks and I was put in a cast that day. I ended up driving with my left foot–not fun at all, but continued to get myself to work and back for 6 weeks. UGH!!! Good luck!


  2. That is excellent news! Is he a runner or exerciser? I’ve had near to stress fractures in my legs from running. My gymnast daughter too. I’m glad that the prognosis is positive and that you won’t be forever Ally Bean At the Wheel.


  3. Margaret, it is good news. Z-D is not much for exercise, so no one can figure out how he did this. But he did. And, yes, I’m pleased that I’ll only be driving Mr.Bean for about one month. That’ll be enough. 😉


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