The Trouble With Nature

Just a little glimpse into what is going on around here.  A woman-vs-animal sort of post.  Presented for your edification and entertainment.   

•  It’s cricket-palooza in our garage this week.   Noisy little buggers.   After our previous two weeks of unseasonably cold & wet weather, we’re back to normal temps; the nights are in the 50s and the days are in the upper 70s.  I think that the crickets are rather charming, but Zen-Den has a different opinion of them.  For some reason they seem to like to jump on him in the morning as he walks through the garage to his SUV.  [*tee-hee*]

He’s started to mutter words like RAID & SWEEP & WEEKEND as he walks to Bullwinkle, so I’m guessing that by Monday morning our garage will be a cricket-free zone.

•  I sat in our screened-in porch this morning to drink my coffee and contemplate the meaning of life wake-up. As I tried to meditate on the profundity of the human experience remember what I had to do today, a squirrel fight broke out in the trees right behind me. Our screened-in porch is at the back of the house and is elevated. Thus, when sitting on the porch you are right in among the middle branches of the trees which are immediately behind the porch.  It’s cool.  It’s unique.  But, man-oh-man, is it noisy when unhappy squirrels start to argue over whose nest is going to be built where.

I really don’t care where these squirrels build their nests, AS LONG AS IT ISN’T INSIDE THE HOUSE.  Been there. Done that. Paid someone to catch/murder some squirrels. Not a pretty experience. Don’t want to repeat it.

•  It’s official.  The deranged woodpecker who delights in pecking on our guest bathroom window frame has ruined it.  The window now leaks dirty, grody water inside the house into the bathtub.  There’s a whole fricking forest for this bird to use for his dinner, but he prefers our house.  Yum, yum.

So next week, we will meet with HANDYMAN CONTESTANT NUMBER ONE to see if he’ll do this sort of repair & how much it’ll cost us for him to do this kind of repair. This is a new-to-me sort of house problem, so I have no idea what to expect.  I mean, are we talking the price of Thanksgiving dinner for 6?  Or the price of a lovely, romantic weekend in the city for 2?  Big difference there.

And on that chatty note, I’m out of here for a long weekend of play.  Some say:  make hay while the sun shines.  But I say:  dance while the sun shines.  It is such a rare commodity around here, that not taking advantage of it seems like a sin to me.  I’ll catch up with you, my gentle readers, next week.  

6 thoughts on “The Trouble With Nature

  1. I’ll take crickets in the garage over crickets in the basement anytime…even if Little Sally Pumpkinhead loves to chase them. She seems to have a thing for insects, yesterday she brought a praying mantis into the house. My husband took it away from her and went out and placed it on a leaf of one of my Canna plants. I’ve never seen one here before but maybe she/he was attracted by the many grasshoppers that have appeared this year.


  2. Is the window frame metal? Woodpeckers like metal frames because it makes a louder sound and makes them seem more powerful to the lovely lady birds they are trying to attract.

    We had a woodpecker who liked to rattle the tiles on our roof. Right above our bedroom. Very annoying!


  3. Margaret, dancing is good. I can make hay anytime. 😉

    la p, what a (good) goofy thing for LIttle Sally Pumpkinhead to like. Much better to bring you an insect than a rodent!

    Stephanie, I didn’t know that about woodpeckers. Our deranged friend is all about wood– perhaps a traditional fellow? Happily married already and not in need of attracting the ladies!

    kacey, I think the whole east side of the USA had a glorious weekend. Hope you made it a good one… like we did.


  4. FYI – in answer to the question of how much does it cost to repair a window frame destroyed by a deranged woodpecker… it’s closer to a romantic weekend in the city for 2 than a Thanksgiving dinner for 6. Humph.


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