Love, Dreams & Color Schemes

“A house is made of walls and beams;  a home is built with love and dreams.”


Take a quiz.  Learn something useful.  Reflect upon how pretty these colors are.  Remind self that we are perfectly happy with the colors that we’ve got going on in our home now.  Save this just in case.


Take another quiz.  Enjoy the questions.  Agree with the results [minus the nonsense about mixing patterns].  Decide that I like thinking of myself as Bohemian Casual— a more refined way of saying “free spirit.”


Take a third and last quiz.  Like that the questions are all photos.  Agree with the results– especially the part about “peaceful coexistence of seemingly unrelated elements.”  Reflect upon how this phrase makes “eclectic mess” sound stylish.

5 thoughts on “Love, Dreams & Color Schemes

  1. Lord love a duck, this was one difficult post to get published. I don’t know why. I’ve done ones like this before, but for some reason this one was just being a punk. Next post is going to be all words. I’m tired of tussling with screen shots and links.


  2. I wouldn’t even know how to do a screen shot, much less POST one. Kudos to you!! I like taking those little quizzes but rarely post them. I guess I won’t even try if it’s that frustrating. 🙂


  3. Margaret, for some reason working with screen shots slows me down to a crawl. I think that posting a photo or two is much easier. But sometimes, just to keep things interesting here on the blog, I use screen shots.

    That being said, I loved the results I got from each of the quizzes. Amazingly accurate. And so cleverly worded that I had to post them here for all to see.


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