Autumn, Attitude Adjustment, And Ambush Journalism

Here’s what I’ve thought about this week.  Brought to you by the letter “A.”

•  Loving.  Now that it’s mid-autumn, the leaves on the trees behind our house are at their best.  In fact, this year, the wettest year ever on record, the trees look stunning.  There are more show-off colors among the leaves–shimmery gold, crimson red;  less dreary colors like rusty orange & dried-up grayish brown.  Amazing, really, how letting go is so pretty.  A lesson for all of us who hold grudges and keep objects long after their usefulness has passed.  Move on, people.  Let it go.


•  Laughing.  I’ve always been one to drink whatever alcoholic beverage is set in front of me [the exception being rum which I hate].  I loathe being perceived as fussy.  Yet, thinking back about our very social summer, I’ve realized that the parties/dinners/events where I had the most fun were the very ones where I did not drink any wine.  At all.

This got me wondering why I even drink the stuff to begin with.  I don’t like the taste of wine all that much and it often makes me itch.  What I decided is that I drink wine because I have this notion that it is good for me.  And I drink wine because I am polite.

My logic– such as it is— goes something like this: in the Bible, Jesus made wine and the party continued.  So, by drinking the stuff without complaint I don’t offend Jesus & I’m not a party pooper.  In theory, this seems like a win-win. But in practice it just sets me up to do something I don’t really want to do– which is drink wine.

Pity Jesus didn’t turn the water into a fifth of bourbon– or a few bottles of beer.  Then I’d have no problem at all.


•  Learning.  I was watching CNN the other morning.  The conversation was about “ambush journalism.”  I’d not heard of this term before.  It means that through deception and aggressive behavior a journalist inserts himself or herself into a situation hoping to provoke controversy by launching into a series of challenging questions. Apparently, some guy did this with VP Biden earlier this week, and Biden refused to take it.  Biden fired back with: “Don’t screw with me.  Let’s look at the facts.” 

Politics aside, I’m with the VP on this one.  Hassling people is not a substitute for journalistic inquiry;  it’s just stupid, attention seeking behavior.  In fact, it seems to me that if journalists want to continue to have access to our political leaders, then they need to grow up, use some common sense & not engage is such antics.  Bad dog, no biscuit.


6 thoughts on “Autumn, Attitude Adjustment, And Ambush Journalism

  1. There seems to be a lot of ambush journalism these days and though I hate to point fingers, much of it is from a station that rhymes with lox. Or cox. Or pox. I love the leaves too. However, I have no problem about being declared fussy. I’ll drink Hef and sometimes Canadian whisky and occasionally a micro brew. That’s it. Absolutely no wine. I find it vile. I hate grape juice also, so nothing personal.


  2. Margaret, I’d never heard the term before. All I could think is, what a pathetic way to go about being a journalist. This guy’s mother must be sooo proud.

    I don’t like grape juice either– so it is, upon rational examination, rather stupid that I drink wine. I’m really tired of martinis, too. I think that I’m going to become a beer & bourbon [& tequila in the summer when it’s really hot outside] kind of girl. Period. You may alert the presses! 😉


  3. Relyn, you made me smile. You’ll be happy to know that this past weekend I refused to drink some sangria. There were shocked looks, but I smiled and said “no mas.” Then I ordered a light beer– which I really prefer. And the party went on just fine. 🙂


  4. Wine is the preferred drink here on the Family Farm, but I never drink it because it usually gives me a headache. I do love Bailey’s Irish cream though. I think I could drink it straight out of the bottle!


  5. Stephanie, sometimes wine gives me a headache, too. Wine is such a big deal to people who love it. While I appreciate their knowledge about wine, I don’t really like how it tastes– but not wanting to be impolite, I drink the stuff. Or rather– I drank the stuff. No mas, I’m telling ‘ya. No mas.


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