Let’s Get It Started In Here


NaBloPoMo 2011


Guess what I’ve decided to do.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait while you figure it out.

[HINT: look to your right and read the details on the big square.  Click on it, if you so choose.]

Yes, I’ve joined something.

[I know… it’s not like me, the free-spirit, to get involved in anything organized.]

And the something that I’ve joined is National Blog Post Month– informally known as NaBloPoMo.

[Cute nickname, huh?  It’s fun to say really fast as you type it.  Don’t judge me… we all make our fun where we find it.]

So, what does this really mean?

[If you’ve read this far down the page, then you must be a skoosh curious about what I’m up to this time.]

It means that I’ll be posting to this blog every day in November.  Contributing as much flapdoodle and twaddle to the blogosphere as I can.

[Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  A challenge.  An adventure.  A way to make bloggy friends.  Plus,  for a limited time only, “Glorious Madness.”]

So for the next thirty days, I’ll write.  You’ll read.  And we’ll chat in the comments below.

[Any questions?]


10 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Started In Here

  1. Nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog. I see that you like autumn, have an attitude, and love bookstores. Me too! I look forward to reading more.


  2. Margaret, I figure that it is. We’re all on a blogroll over at BlogHer, so if someone else is doing this project I figure that he or she is interested in meeting some new people who are doing the same thing.

    And if I am wrong, the worst that can happen from this month of writing is that I get better at writing. I see it as a fun adventure on two fronts.


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