Messy Store, Happy Me

I stopped at Barnes & Noble the other day.

As soon as I stepped inside the store I realized that the entire bookstore was in the process of a major re-do.  All the main aisles had long tables extending lengthwise down the middle of them.  All the smaller side aisles had push carts piled with books.  The place was a mess.

And I couldn’t have been any more pleased.

So, slightly giddy with the sense of adventure that comes from exploring the unknown, I started on a Treasure Hunt— looking at the 80% off books on the long tables.  It was like browsing at a library used book sale where you never know what you might find. Naturally I found a few books I needed.

Then I decided to search with purpose for the books that I’d come into the store to buy.   That’s when the real fun started as I began my own little game of I Spy.

On the walls were the old signs that told me what used to be in each section of the store– with the new, different books underneath each sign. Which meant that…

  • I found Humor under Cookbooks.  Well, yes… I have made a number of miserable meals that elicited laughs.
  • I found Sports under Photography.  Which, considering how much bending and leaning I do to take a good photo, seemed somewhat accurate to me.
  • I found Home Decor under New Age/Philosophy.  Which sort of made sense to me… in a very existential, post-modern, Unhappy Hipsters sort of way.

I don’t know why this shopping trip entertained me so, but it did. Adventure. Absurdity. New [discounted] books. And a story to tell.

What’s not to like?

… It’s a quiet life I live, but a happy one.  

6 thoughts on “Messy Store, Happy Me

  1. Tim and I spent many days at Borders a couple of months ago when they were closing the store. I agree that it was so much fun to see what was discounted each time we visited. I found several books and cards and a 2012 calendar for so much cheaper than the original price! Tim kept coming home with a book here and there that he couldn’t live without, as he checked out the merchandise on many lunch hours. Fun, fun, fun!!!


  2. Quiet lives are the happiest. I like how blogging lets you see inside of them. Bookstore meandering is my favorite rainy day pastime. Glad yours had a special mission!


  3. Margaret, I did embrace the random. I was tickled pink by it, as a matter of fact.

    kacey, I managed to get the books I wanted– and wander around for an hour, too. Meandering is good… in my book. [Pun intended.]

    la p, thanks. Book heaven it was, indeed.


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