Which One?

When I was a little girl Saturday morning was for watching cartoons and commercials.  On a black and white television, of course.

[My mother refused to buy one of the “new” color TVs until our old one quit working.  Let me assure you that those old b&w TVs were very well-made.  But I digress… ]

I found the two commercials below on YouTube.  While I don’t remember either one, I’m putting them here as examples of what was on TV way back then.

[Or maybe a little bit before my way back then.  But you get the gist of what I’m showing you here, right?  Something in black and white.]

After watching both commercials I’ve decided that I prefer one of the characters over the other one.

So, how about you?  Are you on Team Sugar Bear [“Bet your booties, Granny”]?

Or are you on Team Trix Rabbit  [“Oh, rubba, rubba, dub”]?

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11 thoughts on “Which One?

  1. Your Mom sounds a lot like my Dad. I think we were the last family on the block to get a color TV.

    I’m old and sometimes remember things that never happened but I vaguely remember the Sugar Crisp commercial. Whether I remember it or not, I’m with you. Bing for the win!


  2. I am surprised to find out that Sugar Bear sounded just like Bing Crosby. I did not realize it when I was a child. I wonder which animation studio put together the cartoon, it has the look and feel of a Jay Ward (Rocky and Bullwinkle) production.

    (BTW- it’s day 19, how are you holding up?)


  3. Mike, was your Dad’s motto: “waste not, want not”? That was one of my mother’s fav sayings.

    la p, I didn’t realize the voice either. Z-D, who apparently was a much more observant child than I was, glanced at what I was posting this morning, didn’t hear a thing, and said: “I remember Sugar Bear. The one with Bing Crosby, right?”

    (And la p, thanks for asking re: this glorious madness. Truthfully, I’m sick to death of paying this much attention to every little thing that happens in my life! The writing part I like, but all this being in the moment is wearing on me.)


  4. I’ve always preferred Sugar Bear and actually found the Trix Rabbit rather offensive. The notion that something is “just” for any particular group is really disturbing to me. And yes, I over-thought things even as a child.

    I never made the Bing Crosby connection! Now I have to go find some slightly later commercials and see if they sound anything like Bing. (According to Wikipedia, though, you’re right. It wasn’t Bing, it was Gerry Matthews.)


  5. Dad may have said that. It sounds like him. The only advice I remember him giving me was, “If you get a girl pregnant, make sure she’s good looking.” Truth.

    Always look on the bright side of life. At least you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo.


  6. Zazzy, I’m impressed that you figured that out as a child. Me? I just laughed at the rabbit’s silliness.

    Good research. Never heard of Gerry Matthews, but I certainly have heard Gerry Matthews. 🙂

    Mike, your dad was a straight-to-the-point sort of fellow, I take it.

    And you are so right. I’d be in the loony bin by now if I was trying to do NaNoWriMo. Too much for me to even try.


  7. One of my dad’s sayings is “Waste not, want not.” He grew up in the Depression so you didn’t waste anything! I love Sugar Bear and his voice; I remember that commercial. I don’t recall the other one, although the “lemon yellow, orange orange..” colors part must have been part of another ad that I did watch. We had a b&w TV too, but I don’t remember when we replaced it with color. I think the b&w quality was better than the early color anyway!


  8. Margaret, my mother was influenced by the Depression, too. I bet that you’re right about the b&w having better quality than the color ones. By the time we finally got a color TV, they’d been fine-tuned to perfection.

    Susan, so we’ll put you on Team Trix Rabbit. I remember commercials similar to this one, but I don’t think that I’ve ever eaten Trix.


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