You Suggested. I Answered.

Yesterday I didn’t know what to talk about.  And then you came to my rescue…

•  Zazzy of suggested that I “post more photos of your pretty area.

I like that idea… except that it is gray and rainy today.  And quite frankly, if you’ve seen one bleak midwestern day, you’ve seen them all.  So I’ll do that when the sun shines again.

•  Katie of slow down & savor suggested that I could “always use a silly #NaBloPoMo prompt from the BlogHer website.

If I were a more rational person I’d do that.  My problem with those prompts is that all they seem to do is make my mind go completely blank.  They remind me of a sinister essay test question—  which is going to count for 90% of my grade.  And true to form, when I see them I immediately have nothing to say.  My ability to think & write vanishes.

•  Kristen of Kristen Loves Design suggested, among other things, that I “talk about my favorite color.

Naturally, me being me, I don’t have one favorite color.  I like all of them– depending on the shade.  So, for instance, I like crimson red [not tomato red];  pumpkin orange [not football team orange];  lemon yellow [not neon yellow];  kiwi green [not kelly green];  denim blue [not baby blue];  plummy purple [not royal purple];  mahogany brown [not mustardy brown];  warm gray [not purplish gray];  golden or greenish white [not pinkish or taupe white];  and greenish black [not bluish black].

•  Margaret of Stargazer suggested, among other things, that I “could do a book review of a book I’ve recently read that I hated or loved.

Under normal circumstances I’d be delighted to do that.  But the reality is that I’ve stopped reading during the month of November because all my free time has gone into NaBloPoMo.  Doing this project has become a part-time job for me and uses up my daily allotment of wordiness.

•  Laura of Team Tantrum suggested, in her own quiet way, that posting a “declaration of quit” is always an option.

I agree with her as a matter of fact.  There’s no indignity in not making it through the entire month.  Sometimes just giving something new a go is all that one needs to do— to learn what he or she needs to know about something.

10 thoughts on “You Suggested. I Answered.

  1. I hate it when someone asks my favorite anything. Color? Depends on my mood, the shade and hue, etc. Movies? Pick a genre at least! Books? I have trouble even listing my top ten.

    Only 2 more days, Ally. You can do it!


  2. Zazzy, with color I’m pretty consistent about my favs. Other things like books and movies are more difficult for me to pin down to absolutes. As new info [or a mood swing] comes my way I change my opinion about what I think is best. Makes each day new and exciting.


  3. I agree very much with your last point – just trying something new is sometimes all that is necessary. You are doing so well, would love to see you get to the end of the month. Then maybe you can start reading again and tell us about your favourites. Polly


  4. Polly, thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad that I’m doing this project, but am very tired of it at the same time. I look forward to reading what someone else wrote– not at all the words I put on the page.


  5. Even though I didn’t get 30 posts for NaBloPoMo, I’m already at 23- which is more than double what I did each of the two previous months. I’m glad I participated. I’m glad I tried. And I’m really glad I knew when it was time to not stress out about what to write every. single. day. anymore.. at 11:55pm. You only have a few more to go.. on the 30th you can certainly write about how glad you are not to have to post everyday- unless you really want to.


  6. Laura, you nailed it with the not stressing out every day part. I may be whining about writing every day, but I still like what I’m doing here. NaBloPoMo is more of an annoyance to me than it is a stress. However, once this project is finished I’ll be doing a lot less around the ‘ole blogosphere. 😉


  7. I think you’ve been rocking this daily writing thing. Your posts have always been thoughtful and intelligent. Mine would be a few sentences long I’m afraid!! I do want to hear some book and music reviews when you’re not too wiped out. Your favorite meal? What you would spend a gift of $100 on. $1000? $10,000? You see, I’m still FULL of ideas. 😉


  8. Thanks Margaret. This has been an adventure. I love all your ideas for posts. I’m telling you– you really need to start a blog that provides prompts to bloggers. You’d never run out of ideas!


  9. Oh my, your response to my idea to write about your favorite color made me truly LOL! I LOVED your responses and they really brightened my day (and I’m the same way about colors, well and most other things too)! 🙂


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