Does This Never End?

I’m bummed.

I thought that Tuesday was the last day of November… and that would be the last day on which I would need to post something here on my sweet little bloggy.  But I was wrong.

Apparently, November continues on until Wednesday this year.  Humph.

Okay.  Quick show of hands: who can’t read the calendar?

Knowing that I have miscalculated the end of this NaBloPoMo project and that I have nothing worthy of note to say on Sunday, worries me.  If it is this difficult for me to find something to talk about today, then whatever will I blather on about tomorrow?  And the next two days after that?!

I guess that we’ll all find out together, won’t we?

Because right now, I haven’t a clue.

…Whose dumb idea was it to do this anyhow?

10 thoughts on “Does This Never End?

  1. “…Whose dumb idea was it to do this anyhow?”

    I’ve done 3 or 4 NaBloPoMos and I ask myself that every year. Then I say that this is the last year and I’m never going to do this again. Still, it is kind of fun and I meet some new people – not as many as I might because I kind of give up going from blog to blog about half way through the month.

    As for tomorrow, you could always post more photos of your pretty area. I might end up posting pics of the aftermath of the Great Tree Removal.


  2. Zazzy, you are an inspiration. I’m thinking that I’m insane to try this just one time. I like the idea of photos… if it stops raining, of course. Can’t wait to find out about the Great Tree Removal.


  3. Hahaha! I love this – I was feeling like that too… I was like, “how in the world will I be able to come up with ANY content if I’m OUT already!! Damn you Wed for being so far away… and I’ll raise my hand, I thought it was ending Tuesday too… 🙂

    Worse comes to worse, you can always use a silly #NaBloPoMo prompt from the BlogHer website!


  4. Ha, Ally Bean, I’m with you! I keep thinking…when. will. it. end!!!! You can search around for ideas to write about…there have been a lot of articles on the web about 10 topics to talk about on your blog or whatever. You could always give us a verbal/visual tour of where you live, talk about your prom date, your favorite color, what pets you’ve had, etc. Oh and maybe why you blog or what you hope to accomplish with your blog, etc. Good luck! 🙂


  5. You could list everything you’ve eaten that day. You could write about your favorite TV, music or movies. You could do a book review of a book you’ve recently read that you hated or loved. 🙂


  6. Kristen and Margaret, you two are very good at generating ideas. Have you thought of starting a blog entirely committed to prompts for stumped bloggers? I think that it’d be a hit.

    Laura, I adore you declaration of quit. Straight to the point. Although I’d argue that by posting it on Day 21 you did, indeed, fulfill the requirement of posting that day… so you really made it over 2/3rds of the way through this project! 😉


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