My 5 Suggestions For Writing Better Blog Posts

Even though I’ve blogged off and on since 2004 [read more here], I’m not sure that I’ve ever written about how to write a blog post. When I first stumbled upon blogging years ago nothing like this list existed.  Back then blogging was all trial & error, but eventually I figured out how to write a post that was understandable & interesting.  Now, of course, advice on how to blog is EVERYWHERE.  Which got me thinking that maybe what I’ve learned might be of value to someone.  So, without further ado, I give you…

My 5 Suggestions For Writing Better Blog Posts


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1.  Have a thesis statement for your blog.

this is vital.  you need it to help keep you grounded as you write each post.  without it, you’ll flounder and your blog will go nowhere.

2.  Be specific.

details, baby!  tell us exactly what interests you and why.  show us how you did something.  explain your point of view.  i’m not talking about being wordy, here.  i’m talking about presenting your life in a clearly defined way that tells us about you.

3.  Write each post with one or two people in mind. 

pretend like you are writing– or talking– to one or two people who you know care about what you have to say.  tell them your story, and don’t worry about what anyone else will think of it.  you can’t please everyone, so you might as well focus on the few people who will appreciate what you have to say.

4.  Give your readers something to say “YES” to.

can’t emphasize this concept enough.  readers engage with you because you are sharing ideas & experiences that ring true with them.  they want to talk about things, and it is so much easier to comment when there is a way to say “yes.”

5.  Make it stylish.

each individual post must look inviting and polished on its own.  you need to become familiar with all those little buttons in your text editor that allow you to do jazzy things like bold, italic, font sizes, font styles, font colors, text placement, image sizing.  effective communication is much more than a string of words on a page.

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13 thoughts on “My 5 Suggestions For Writing Better Blog Posts

  1. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. Your funny and wise insights and positive attitude make the World a better place. I see what it takes to create such intelligent material day after day, and the courage needed to put yourself out there without knowing what responses will be, and for that we cannot thank you enough. I will try to act in the goofy and nonsensical manner required to produce good stories :-).


  2. Z-D, thanks for your support– and your love. You are the best… and I’m not just saying that because you provide me with some wonderful stories. No, that’s not why I’m saying that at all!


  3. I just realized that I started keeping a blog in 2004–not 2003. This means that I’ve been misrepresenting myself on my About Me page. Not my intention to mislead. Sorry.

    I have a brain like a colander, people. Brain like a colander.


  4. You have a lot of blogging experience and your blog is great. I love your thoughtful posts and stories involving Z-D, my favourite was the one about wearing jeans with sparkles on the bottom and getting the third degree about it! Looking forward to more.


  5. I’ve always been a huge supporter of your writing. I still think you need to write a book. You have what it takes to produce something that would be a wonderful read. But, in the meantime, I’ll be content with this blog!


  6. belleofthecarnival, thanks.

    Polly, glad that you like what you read here. I try.

    Beth, just think of this blog as a book and you’ll be happy as can be.

    Margaret, you have a thesis statement. It’s right up there at the top of your blog. It doesn’t matter how you write your thoughts, it’s that you give us a view inside your universe.


  7. Ally Bean!!! How wonderful to find your comment this morning! Of course I remember you, and I’m thrilled to find that you’ve started this blog! YEA!

    Yes, my husband and I became parents to our sons in August 2010. It’s been an awesome journey!


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