Whatever The Day May Bring Us

The other afternoon I was at home writing and listening to a classical music radio station while waiting for Dave, the man from the chimney/roofing repair company, to arrive.  Dave has been to the house before so I knew who to expect and that he’d find a solution to our latest homeowner problem.

He showed up on time and started by looking at our water/mud mess in the basement.  Then he and his camera went up on the roof to figure out what was happening up there to cause the mess.  It didn’t take long for him to determine that the builder had once again skimped on something important.

[Details of problem for those who care about such things.  Chimney cap not installed with proper horizontal support.  Hot water exhaust pipe, which goes up inside of the chimney, not surrounded by proper gasket where it intersects with chimney cap.  Result: water doesn’t roll off top of chimney cap.  Instead, water forms a 2″ deep puddle on top of chimney cap and then slowly drips down leak around the exhaust pipe into inside of chimney.  Along the way to the basement water rots first floor sub-flooring under fireplace and creates a gentle steam down the basement concrete walls into the adjacent floor drain.]  

So Dave got down off the roof and knocked on the door.  He put on his standard issue contractor-inside-your-house paper booties, and stepped into the foyer to show me photos of this year’s month’s week’s problem.  He explained to me how the problem could be repaired.  And then he told me to expect an estimate in the mail in about 2 days.

Very standard.

But what made this visit different– and almost got me to the point of giggles— was that while Dave was talking with me the classical radio station was playing The Blue Danube Waltz.  Just float-y, water-y, swoosh-y music drifting into the foyer from the radio in the next room.

I don’t think that the music registered with Dave at all, but to me it was very fitting and funny.  I ask you, could there be any more perfect background music for a discussion about water running down the inside of your chimney into the basement and then flowing toward the drain?  Me thinks not.

Well played, Universe.  I bow to your sense of the absurd.


~ as a way of including The Blue Danube Waltz in this post, and for your entertainment, I leave you with this video ~


12 thoughts on “Whatever The Day May Bring Us

  1. I love things like this! I often find, when I’m in a situation, there is a particular song running through my head and I have to stop and pay attention to it to discover what particular line is apt to the situation, what triggered me off singing that song in my head. This couldn’t have been better!


  2. The weekly home repair crisis kind of makes me want to rent forever. It sounds just plain stupid of the builder and I hate that people do that kind of thing. You’d think the builder would want to do things right – it builds a good professional reputation and brings more business over time. There’s a huge difference, in my opinion, between an honest mistake and sloppy or dishonest work. Good luck on the repair and try to stay away from Wagner. I can’t believe that Ride of the Valkyries would bode well for home projects.


  3. Polly, that is way cool. [Does anyone still say that phrase?] I love how you know that what you’re singing in your head is connected to what is going on in front of you. I have never had an experience like that. Flip city. [I know that no one except me says that phrase & I don’t care. It’s one of my favs.]

    Zazzy, I agree that you’d think a builder would want to have a good professional rep. But I have come to believe that builders don’t think like that. It’s all about the money to them– and whatever they can get away with is just more money in their pockets. Honesty & quality be damned.

    And about the Ride of the Valkyries… very funny. 😉


  4. That’s great! I mean the bit about the soundtrack you had going. Certainly not about the headaches of dealing with house problems.

    Maybe more of our homeownership problems would be more tolerable if the universe always provided a suitable soundtrack. (But I like zazzy’s advice about avoiding the Wagner! Too funny.)


  5. Ugh I’m sorry to hear about your poor-quality builder issues. We’ve had our share, too! 😦 Is it something about the Midwest? Sometimes the shortcuts they took are just outright laughable (well, after we get done crying)!

    That video is the cutest thing ever…a cat “waltzing” in circles up a circular staircase while chasing (and then catching it’s tail)? Sure, why not! 🙂


  6. Kristen, it is laughable… eventually. So true. Glad that you liked the video. It’s a hoot.

    susielindau, oh my! You’ve been through quite a few nightmares! Gotta laugh– or I’d go crazy.


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