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√  I’ve been making small tweaks here on my blog since the beginning of the year.  Have you noticed?  Over the weekend I think that I finally got each of my posts entered into the proper category where each post belongs.  Now instead of Monthly Archives I have a list of 7 Categories where you can find all of my past posts.  By category.  Obviously.

√  We started putting together our traditional winter project, a jigsaw puzzle!  Years ago after seeing an episode of Northern Exposure where a married couple had a fun time putting together a puzzle, we decided to give it a try– and found that doing a puzzle was a harmless distraction from the winter gloom.  So now every winter we do ONE puzzle.  Yes, I know– not the most high-tech, cutting edge thing to admit to doing.  But it’s fun.  

√  I tried a new recipe for cupcakes that uses Blue Moon beer.  The cupcakes were good, not at all beer-y– but not orange-y enough to make them interesting.  I made some notes on the recipe and will try it again later this winter.  I think some clove and more coriander are in order.  Maybe a drop of orange extract?  If I ever perfect the recipe, I’ll post it here.  If.

√  We did a test on the stair railing to see how difficult it would be to strip the old stain and varnish off of the railing and posts.  Our conclusion: not difficult at all.  But because of the fumes and mess involved with this project we decided to postpone it until late spring when we can open the windows for ventilation.  Plus they’ll be more daylight then– which can only help us see what we’re doing.  Always important.

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  1. la p & Zazzy, we have an eat-in kitchen nook and a dining room. The puzzle goes in the dining room on the table. Out of the way, but available when we want to goof with it.


  2. I have the same problem here, no space. Haven’t done a jigsaw in years and years, so might have to rectify that before the evenings get too much lighter. I think it is possible to get a big case thing, like an artist might carry their work in, which keeps the jigsaw intact but you can stand it up and put it away when necessary. I can feel a bit of internet research coming on this evening!


  3. You are SO organized! I feel very random. I used to like Blue Moon, then lost my taste for it. Too sweet. Northern Exposure took place in the town where my dad grew up and we spent lots of family time there. I think it was actually filmed in Canada but they used shots from Roslyn for the exteriors of buildings. Quaint mining town.


  4. Polly, I’ve never heard of the case thing, but if it’s out there I’m sure that you’ll find it.

    Margaret, I’m in awe of you for knowing where the “real” Cicely Alaska is– and for having been there. Northern Exposure was one of those quirky TV shows that stays with me. It was funny and oddly insightful about human behavior. So naturally I liked it.


  5. Melisa, our conclusion exactly! It’s just too gray outside in winter to do a good job with this project. And if we’re going to the bother of doing it, I want to do it right– and do it once.


  6. Okay can I just say I love this post? First, I totally hear you on the blog categories. I’m currently re-organizing/re-tagging every post and there should be a requirement that you know how to do it successfully when you first start a blog! I did not, hahaha, and all this re-doing nonsense is just totally killing me! Love Northern Exposure and I endeavor to surround myself with people who understand my obsession with that weird little show. Oh and Blue Moon. In cupcakes. Yes, please! 🙂


  7. Kristen, I know what you mean about “this re-doing nonsense.” I spent most of last week trying to wrap my head around what I’d done wrong to begin with & how to fix it now. Which I hope that I have accomplished now.

    I’m happy to know that someone else out there gets Northern Exposure! The hubster & I loved it– as did my co-workers at the time. Some of the episodes are burned into my brain forever. Dear Lord, it was funny.


  8. Just to say I’ve just ordered a jigsaw puzzle from Amazon with a picture of all the games from the 1970s, which is when I was a small child, so there are all sorts of things on there like the old fashioned Ker Plunk and Humpty from Playschool, Paddington Bear, Kermit the Frog etc, maybe not all of these things you would have heard of. Also found the jigsaw case on there but it’s £30 so quite a bit more than I want to pay! I will find a board and just keep it in my bedroom in between trying to solve it (1000 pieces). Looking forward to it, thanks for the idea!


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