Pretty Flowers, Itchy Eyes

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I’m feeling tired this week.

No energy for writing posts– or doing much of anything else.

While I admit that it is pretty outside now, there’s too much pollen in the air for my liking.

My eyes itch.  My sinuses hurt.  And I’m grumpy.

So I’ll be taking some allergy meds to manage my symptoms and lying low for the next week or two.

Take care everyone.  See ‘ya later.

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Ally Bean

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16 thoughts on “Pretty Flowers, Itchy Eyes”

  1. Beautiful picture – captures how beautiful they are in real life. Feel better soon, My Love. I will try not to add to your grumpiness (any more than usual).


    1. Zen-Den, as long as I don’t have to focus on anything in particular, I am fine. But the minute I need to read or look at colors or sort through items, I can’t see straight. Once this pollen goes away I’ll be fine, but until then… *grumble*


  2. Feel better soon. The allergies of the people in my house are raging as well.

    And can I add that one of the things I love about coming here is reading Z-D’s comments? He’s a keeper, for sure. But you knew that.


    1. Melisa, Z-D is a good guy no doubt. I think there is nothing stupider than being allergic to things. Like I have nothing better to do than to sneeze? Honestly, what a waste of time!


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