Twitter, Why Doth Thou Thwart Me So?

Alas and alack, I am saddened, dear Twitter, by thy inability to do what I want-eth you to do.  Did I not make-eth thee my friend and confidant, lo these many long months?

Yet thee insist-eth on thwarting my every move regarding my profile description. Thy refusal to do as I want-eth you to do regarding punctuation on said profile description bespeak-eth of your inclination to be with bug.  Here is what I desire-eth.

Yikes and away!  Whither thou go-eth my beloved punctuation?

Verily I beg of thee, thy social media giant, to put-eth back my punctuation where I want-eth it.  Not on the morrow, my liege, but on this very day.

Thanks be to thee, my provider of instant communication, for hearing the plea of thy humble user… BUT WAIT A MINUTE.  What. hath. thou. done. now?

Forsooth and anon, I shall look-eth upon thy service as something very optional in my life.  That is unless thy clean-eth up thy act and restore-eth my faith in thee, ye olde Twitter.  Only then, will-eth we be friends and confidants again, I say-eth unto thee on this fine day.

13 thoughts on “Twitter, Why Doth Thou Thwart Me So?

    • la p, once again you have a good point. It’s just that the punctuation comes & goes from my profile (and now my tweets) willy nilly. It bothers me. Punctuation needs to stay where it is put.


    • Margaret, I like the information that I get off of Twitter, but when it comes to the chit-chat part of it there always seems to be some small problem.

      Overall Twitter is a very weird, isolating experience. I never know who is paying attention to me, never know who cares. You just put your stuff out there– and then wait to see if anyone talks with you. You’re probably wise to not be on it.


  1. Thankfully my punctuation is still there. I’m very particular about it so it should be part of my profile. I think Twitter is supposed to be what we do on here (ie meaningless chatter) so maybe such communcations don’t require punctuation in the eyes of those that control these things. Love the Olde Englishe phraseology in your post!


    • philosophermouse, it is one of the dumbest probs I’ve had with Twitter. And, yes, it is annoying to me. I make enough mistakes on my own without some system intentionally messing up what I write.


  2. Ally, this post totally made me laugh!

    It’s the classic: “Let’s eat Grandma” or “Lets eat, Grandma”.

    Not quite as dramatic, but I like your profile either way! 😀


    • kristen, excellent point. It is the grandma thing just in a different way. Granted my profile works with or without proper punctuation– & no one gets eaten– so I suppose I should just let this problem go. Still, it bugs me…


  3. Since I wrote this droll bit of bloggery, it’s been pointed out to me that my problem with Twitter is in my browser and not with Twitter per se. While I contend that if my browser doesn’t want to work properly with Twitter it is still Twitter’s fault… individuals who shall remain nameless tell me that is illogical. That I owe Twitter an apology.

    So, I’m sorry Twitter for accusing you of causing me trouble. And I will speak no more of this incident as if it is your fault, no matter what I believe to be the real cause of my punctuation problems. Forsooth.


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