Because Some Things Never Cease To Amaze Me

On this date five years ago I posted the following.  It is the most viewed item that I ever wrote.  I’ve decided to re-post it today because I’m still amazed that something as benign as this little post brought the most readers to my blog EVER.  Go figure.



Just How Lazy Am I?


The other morning I wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast.  But when I realized that: 1) we hadn’t run the dishwasher the night before because it wasn’t quite full enough to justify using it, and 2) the skillet I needed to use to make eggs wouldn’t fit in the remaining space in the dishwasher, I decided to have a bowl of cereal instead.

I knew for sure that the bowl [and spoon] would fit in the remaining space in the dishwasher so I went with the I’m-not-washing-any-dishes-in-the-sink breakfast option.  And I wondered to myself, just how lazy are you when you let the ease of cleanup dictate your food choices?

Pretty darned lazy, I’d say.


12 thoughts on “Because Some Things Never Cease To Amaze Me

    • Relyn, lol here. Yes, we do need to have criteria which help us make good decisions in our lives. And apparently, my decision to eat cereal that morning rang true with many people.


  1. Sweet deprecating humor no longer brings in the readers. Yesterday’s stats tell me that. Total views for the day were only 20% of the number of views that I had back in 2007. Interesting.

    The posts that do the best on this blog now are ones that I write with attitude– or have an emotional component. Just give us some edges and some laughs, you tell me with your viewing behavior.

    Can do, my gentle readers. Plays to my strengths. 😉


  2. I hang on every word, and every word enrichens my life. Thanks for sharing your life with me and with your readers. They feel the same – even if they don’t realize it.


  3. I can’t explain all the traffic – but I did read this twice for analysis – It’s just funny. And everyone can identify with it….and it’s short and simple….and great title ( appeals to everyone)…and the ending is just so true…but above all it’s quick and makes you chuckle!
    Some things you just can’t explain?


    • Yes, I agree that some things just are what they are. No explanation available. I re-posted this to see what would happen this time… and the response was much more what I would expect. Sometimes I can’t help but turn this blog into a little social science experiment. 😉


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