In Which The Hubster Scares The Bejeezus Out Of Me, Not Once, But Twice

[Subtitled: What Comes Around Goes Around, Dear]

•  Zen-Den and I worked outside in the yard this weekend.  We also cleaned the screens and put them into 20+ windows.  Then we washed and repainted portions of the screened-in porch.  In between doing all that, we shopped for deck and patio furniture in brick-&-mortar stores and online.

We were busy, and I was exhausted by bedtime.  So exhausted, in fact, that after I got ready for bed and sat down on the edge of our bed, I forgot to lie down to go to sleep.  Really.  I just sat there.

So Zen-Den, who was already in bed, said real sweetly: “Don’t you want to lie down now?  You’ll sleep better.”

My addled brain liked that idea so I just leaned over, eyes shut, ready to plop myself down on my comfy pillow.  But Mr. Shenanigans pulled my pillow away from my side of the bed just as my weary self went thunk.  And suddenly, realizing that something was very wrong, I bounced right out of bed– wide awake.

And what do I see?  The Hubster holding my pillow and laughing his fool head off.  Because it was just. that. funny. to him to see me go from dead tired to live wire in a nanosecond.

Oh, yea!  He’s a card… must be from St. Louis…

•  I slept in this morning— didn’t even hear the alarm go off.  It’s no big deal because today my schedule is very flexible– I’ll get to where I need to go when I get there.  And all will be well with the world.

However, Z-D must have gotten up very early– and on his way out the door he must have put a load of laundry into the washing machine.  Then not wanting to wake me, he must have started the machine using its timer function.  Meaning that one hour later the washer automatically turned itself on.

Or at least I’m hoping that is what he did… because no one left me a note telling me to expect a very loud machine with a tendency to clunk to start. working. spontaneously. when I was sitting in the soothing early morning quiet sipping my coffee.

Which it turns out I don’t need to help me wake up when a loud unidentified sound comes from the laundry room– and causes my system to produce enough adrenaline to keep me alert for– oh, I don’t know— years.

Thanks, honey.  You’re a dork peach.

21 thoughts on “In Which The Hubster Scares The Bejeezus Out Of Me, Not Once, But Twice

  1. Yes, I agree with Zazzy. You’ll have to get a pay back this Sunday!
    Just remember when he locked us out of our dorm room and ate all the macaroon cookies my mom sent–(I’ll never forget that! 🙂 )
    It sounds like you got a lot done and you must feel very good about that–now you’re ready for spring and summer.
    Since it’s just Mozart and I here right now, I get scared a lot at night when I’m so aware of all the sounds of the house that didn’t phase me before. I’m very diligent about locking everything, even the bedroom door!


    • Beth, I’d forgotten all about the cookie incident. Clearly the man was a miscreant even back then. It’s a wonder that I married him at all.

      The thing about the washing machine is that it is in the room that leads into the garage. So when I heard noises over in that part of the house I thought someone was trying to break in. Got my attention– real fast.


  2. You know, I thought about leaving a note, not that serves as a defense. I am very sorry, my Bean. I place myself at the mercy of the Queen’s Court for whatever sentence awaits.


  3. Great post, Ally. My husband scares the heck out of me when he comes home in the evening and doesn’t announce himself (as in Hi Honey, I’m Home!) he just sneaks in and into the kitchen (where I usually am) and speaks to me in a normal voice. Gets me every time.


    • alejna, I have to admit that payback isn’t my strength in life. Writing this post may of been about as much payback as I can muster. Somehow sneaky tricks and such like never occur to me. Too nice, I guess. However, if some idea came my way… I could change my habits… just this once.


      • I have to say, there is plenty of payback in letting someone imagine that there is payback coming! But, like you, I am not one who can muster much plotting for revenge. Well, sometimes I get as far as the plotting, but then I get too lazy. Or maybe it’s that I’m too nice. It’s hard to tell the difference.


        • alejna, I’m laughing here. You’re so right about the “threat” of payback as well as nice v lazy issue. I’m just not naturally predisposed to exacting revenge. Too much effort for so little reward.


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