The “Ray Of Sunshine” Meme

Last week Polly of caughtwriting tagged me with a lighthearted award known as The Sunshine Award.  It’s a fun little award/meme that lets me tell you, my gentle readers, a bit more about myself.

The rules are as follows: 1.  Thank the person who gave me this award;  2.  Answer the questions below – its all about favourite things;  3.  Pass on the award to other sunshine-y bloggers and tell them about it.


1.  The Thank You.

Thank you Polly for thinking of me.  It’s always fun to find out what other bloggers have to say about the same topics.  I think that’s why I like memes so much.  They are a pleasant little peek into someone else’s life.


2.  The Questions.

Favourite colour

Today it is aqua + cyan + teal.  Turquoise jewelry.  Ocean waves.  Soothing and relaxing colors that seem to call to me as the heat of summer is upon us.

Favourite animal

Cats.  First of all I think that cats are very handsome animals.  Then, of course, I  like how a cat with one disparaging glance can put anyone or anything in its place.  Good looks + attitude.  What’s not to admire?

Favourite number

Eight.  What I think is really cool about eight is that if you write it numerically, then lay it on its side, you will have the symbol for infinity.  Such versatility charms me.

Favourite drink

Vodka.  Preferably Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist of lemon.  It’s a simple and straightforward drink– easy to make, nice to sip, pretty to look when served in a cut crystal tumbler.

Facebook or Twitter?

Twitter, definitely.   I find it more informative than FB.  I like how Twitter’s 140 character limit forces everyone to get to the point.  And it just seems more fun to me.  In the moment.  A little wacky.

Your passion…

Interior design.  Over the years I’ve gotten more interested in knowing about design principles & color combos & furniture styles.  Then using what I’ve learned I’ve been slowly redecorating our home so the it is more inviting + cheerful + livable.  When I’m not stressed out about all the expensive choices I’m making, I rather enjoy being an active amateur interior designer.

Giving or receiving presents?

I find the idea of giving or receiving presents problematic.  I don’t enjoy shopping for anything, ever– nor do I feel like anyone needs to give me a present for anything, ever.  All of which means that I’m uncomfortable with both the giving and receiving of presents.  Truthfully, I’d rather spend time with the people who I love than spend time messing around with presents for them.            

Favourite day

Tuesday.  Don’t know why.  I just like it.

Favourite flower

Lately I’ve been on a daisy and zinnia kick.  The former because they seem to grow anywhere– and the latter because I’m determined to get them to grow somewhere.


3.  The Award Ceremony.

As for passing the award along to other sunshine-y bloggers, here’s what I’m going to do.

If you are a self-described ray of sunshine [or you’re looking for something to do on your blog], then by all means do this meme.  It’s fun.  It’s light.  It’s a perfect sort of meme that puts all other memes to shame.  YES, gentle readers, this is the meme for you.

And with that, I have fulfilled my obligation regarding Rule #3.  See you later, meme-a-gators.  It’s beautiful outside today– and this little ray of sunshine wants to be out in the garden.

8 thoughts on “The “Ray Of Sunshine” Meme

  1. Great post, Ally, and thanks for participating. I like doing these posts for exactly the same reason – to see how other people respond to the same questions. I like to see how diverse we all are! I like what you said about the number 8 too, I hadn’t thought of that. You are lucky to have the heat of summer, it’s just warming up here. I’m still thinking in oranges and yellows 🙂


    • Polly, I think that you nailed it with the idea of how memes help you see diversity. It’s so easy to think that everyone believes/thinks just like you do. Then you do a meme, read a few other people’s answers– and suddenly remember we’re all just a little bit goofy! Thank heavens.


  2. The fun thing about these things is learning more about each other and the things you do and don’t have in common. I look at your’s and I think, my gods, she’s sane! I’ve been doing some interior design in my head lately and muted ocean tones are what I’m leaning toward. Maybe some day. 🙂


    • Zazzy, my grasp on sanity comes & goes– believe you me. But thank you for the compliment.

      As for the ocean tones, I think that the reason I’ve been so drawn to them lately is because my blonde hair is slowly going gray. And I’m finding that aqua + cyan + teal look very good on me now. I’d love to say that I have some spiritual connection to those colors, but it’s pure vanity through & through.


  3. Nicely done post! (and now you are out the door for sun and fun!) Like the “8” selection. It’s just a funny design that can be so many things – like a snowman ( cool thoughts for summer…oh, and see, it’s in the middle of “cool”!)


  4. I haven’t done a meme in perhaps years. Perhaps I’ll do this one. 🙂

    I tried to comment on your Bourbon post, but comments were closed. I’ll say I’m disappointed by your experience, because Ted really enjoys Bourbon, and he does NOT like Makers Mark (though he does like Makers 46), but he loves Woodford. Too bad Woodford is so commercial. Drats.


    • J, Z-D prefers Woodford, too. I don’t know if having a wonderful distillery tour will cause Z-D to switch to Maker’s Mark as his favorite, but it might. Maybe. We’ll see.

      As for me, after our weekend in Lexington I can say in all honestly that I’ve had enough bourbon to hold me for about the next decade!


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