Five Senses Friday

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exhausted.  i’ve really been putting my all into my blog lately.  writing.  commenting on other blogs.  updating my template/pages.  it takes focus & commitment to keep a blog going– and there are weeks when i wonder if it’s worth it.


the hum of my old computer, which i still use on occasion, that sits next to my current quiet computer.


dark chocolate “balanced with crunchy hazelnuts and dried currants.”


outside: a gray day.  inside: a gray wall behind the computer that needs some decoration.


sandalwood spice, a “blend of orange blossoms, sandalwood, and kashmir vanilla,” from the candle in the next room over.

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{This wonderful idea is from abby try again.   If you wish, you may play along in the comments below or on your own blog.}

10 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. Feeling – your emotional turmoil regarding the blogosphere. I promise to do what I can, feeble as it may be, to help you stay inside the good karma and manage around the bad (worst).
    Hearing – mexican party music, with fervent hope that I do not hear it this weekend.
    Tasting – more of your very well decided meal choices (the salmon was yummy).
    Seeing – the girl I fell in love with all those years ago. Every day.
    Smelling – morning coffee without having to leave the house for work.


    • Zazzy, I have been thinking about NaBloPoMo and haven’t decided if I’ll do it again. I met lots of great people during it, but the commitment to being here EVERY DAY is overwhelming… especially after I’ve done it once.


    • Margaret, I wouldn’t call you a hypocrite. I’d call you supportive. And realistic about your own ability to post to your blog. Those are two good things to know & understand about yourself.


  2. I have no idea what being a blogger entails. Yet I ask, whose expectations have to be met, your gentle reader’s or the blogger’s? As I type this I realize, this is probably a stupid question as a non-blogger, yet I am curious, what is the “feedback” need or a dedicated blogger?


    • Voyager, I imagine that the expectations of both writer and reader need to be met most of the time for a blogger to feel satisfied with what he or she has written.

      Some bloggers live & breath for comments so they will write to the crowd, but I’m not like that. I keep a simple, quiet little bloggy here. I enjoy comments/feedback because I believe that I’m starting a conversation/creating a sense of community.

      As I see it, if I didn’t have comments/feedback at all, then this would just be another webpage… and not a blog. Which would be no fun at all.


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