The “Ten Things You May Not Know About Me” Meme

I may not be the fastest when it comes to doing things, but I am one of the most sincere– which must count for something.  Sorry that it took me so long, Polly….

Last June, Polly at caughtwriting gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I knew that I wanted to participate, but just didn’t feel motivated to think about it until this week.

So without further delay, and only a few months late, please allow me to:

  • thank Polly for thinking of me;
  • tell you, my gentle readers, what I’m supposed to tell you about myself;  &
  • suggest that six of you bloggers out there do this meme, so that I might pass this award on to you, too.


1.  I minored in Political Science in college.

2.  I’m a fan of The Big Bang Theory.  But then, who isn’t?

3.  My current favorite lip color is Spicy Honey Almost Lipstick by Clinque.

4.  I like Zagnut candy bars.  [If you only click on one link here, this is the one to pick.  Funny old commercial.]

5.  I use our Kindle more for playing games than for reading books.

6.  I don’t suffer liars easily.  [Good information here about “the most reliable indicators of lying.”]

7.  I don’t like the current trend of wearing lots of bracelets on your wrist.

8.  I’ve managed to keep the Christmas poinsettia that I bought late last November alive all year.

9.  I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a floozy.

10.  I am learning how to make origami cranes.  So far, not so good.


16 thoughts on “The “Ten Things You May Not Know About Me” Meme

  1. Belated congratulations on the honor, but of course in my eyes you are beautiful in all aspects and ways. You know, I forgot about your poli sci minor – my terrible mistake. Zagnut or Payday?


    • Zen-Den, I always remember my minor in Presidential election years because so much of what I learned about the subject plays out.

      As for the REAL IMPORTANT QUESTION that you ask re: my candy bar preference… I’d say Payday first [because I can get them] and Zagnut second [because they are a difficult-to-find special treat].


  2. I can’t remember the last time I even saw a Zagnut – cute commercial though. I was disappointed the last time I bought a Payday – I remember them being much more peanut and much less nougat. Or I’m just getting old. I’m becoming more and more picky in my candy bar choices. The chocolate bars in particular have suffered from the redefinition of what is “chocolate.”

    Oh well… PolySci? Oh, my.


    • Zazzy, I only know of one grocery store in our area that carries Zagnut bars. I think that because Zagnuts lack chocolate the world has passed them by. And I agree with you that what passes for chocolate on candy bars is a lousy facsimile of the real thing.


    • philosophermouse, I like your logic. I bet that there is a correlation btwn flooziness & the ability to force paper to do strange things. That would explain everything.


    • Margaret, the candy bar is without chocolate– covered in toasted coconut instead. It is tasty.

      As for the liars, I’m especially keen on calling them out, of late. Politics is filled with them & I accept that. But people in my day-to-day life disappoint me on this topic, too. And I decided a few years ago, no mas. I deserve better, ‘ya know?


  3. Ally, thanks for doing this in the end, it’s always really interesting to read about other people. Can’t believe your poinsettia is still going! And must research your chocolate bars. Good luck with the origami – I’m assuming you mean crane bird rather than crane building site machinery. Either sounds like a challenge.


    • Polly, no one, myself included, can believe that the poinsettia is still alive. I transplanted it to a larger pot and it still lived.

      Made me laugh on the crane thing. Yes, I meant the bird. Supposedly they are good luck– which I’m beginning to suspect I need to make one crane in the first place. Truly a chicken-&-egg conundrum playing out with this project.


  4. To answer question number two, “Melisa”.
    Jim and I tried to watch that show a couple of times and couldn’t stand it: we always clicked out! So yeah…we are the only people in the world who aren’t fans. 🙂


  5. Regarding crummy chocolate, sometimes you can find a specialty store that carries British chocolates…English Kit Kats are truly yummy, as are their Malteezers. Not cheap, certainly a treat for Christmas or something like that.

    I don’t think I’ve had a zagnut candy bar before. I do like payday, so maybe next time I go to the fancy candy store near here, I’ll see if they have it. They have a lot of candies that you can’t find at most grocery stores. I also like Bit O Honey, which sometimes appears at the store, and then disappears for awhile.

    I’ve tried to be a fan of the Big Bang Theory, but it just doesn’t tickle my funny bone. Sigh. My mom LOVED it, and I tried to love it for her, but I couldn’t do it.

    When I was a baby, my mom made me an origami crane mobile. Pretty cool, huh? If you get good at it, maybe that would be a fun baby shower gift.


    • J, good suggestion. I’d rather do without than eat most of the chocolate candy bars available around here. They are too sugary and waxy for me.

      I’d forgotten about Bit O Honey. I liked them when I was a girl, but don’t know when I last saw one for sale.

      From what I remember of your mother, I can see her liking The Big Bang Theory. It was good of you to try and like it. Somehow– for many reasons– TBBT rings true with me and makes me laugh out loud.

      Yes, an origami crane mobile is cool. That’s a great idea… should I ever manage to learn to make cranes, I’ll give it a go.


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