Of Bare Branches And A Pink Contrail

Last night I noticed the crescent moon shining behind the bare tree limbs.  A rather subtle, yet pretty, sight.

Next I saw a pink contrail going through the bluish-purple early evening sky.  A decidedly dramatic sight.

Then I saw the condensation trail almost intersecting with the rising moon.  This created an unusual configuration of accidental manmade beauty + intentional autumn simplicity.  An unexpected sight, to say the least.

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19 thoughts on “Of Bare Branches And A Pink Contrail”

  1. Only just got the time to sit down and read! Little man is finally in bed. I love the sun reflecting off the vapour trail. I love when the clouds are uplit in a similar way so they look fluffy and pink. I like winter sunsets for the same reason, when it’s really searing cold and you get that lovely blaze of colour. Fab photo.


    1. Polly, I like winter sunsets, too. The sharp contrast of light and dark makes for such unique scenes. This one last night really caught me by surprise.

      [Thanks for commenting, btw. I wasn’t complaining exactly. More like muttering to myself about the one thing that I really dislike about NaBloPoMo: Sunday posting. It never works for me and my readers.]


  2. I’m here! And I love the photos. Is the jet exhaust called a contrail? I never knew that! We see them a lot around here since we have an AF/Army base about 5 miles away.


    1. Margaret, yes, contrail is short for condensation trail. They’re also sometimes called vapor trails. We don’t see them too often around here, let alone ones that are pink. Kind of fun.


  3. Hey there! Just got on. Love the pictures. You’re really becoming quite the photographer. These remind me a lot of my scherenschnitte cuttings that I used to do–the intricate cuttings of black paper silhouette against a lighter background.


    1. Beth, you’re so right. These photos remind me EXACTLY of your scherenshnitte cuttings. Those were so cool, but probably cost your eyesight doing them! Thanks for commenting.


    1. Zazzy, I really didn’t mean anything about people with that comment! I didn’t say what I was thinking very well. See? Sunday? This is what happens to me. I’m not meant to be a Sunday blogger.

      And you made me laugh there. Do you suppose that the pilot was aiming for the moon?!!


  4. I’m with Zazzy…I was thinking if this were one of my daughter’s sci fi books, it would have been an asteroid, and it would have hit the moon and pushed it closer into our orbit, and pretty much ruin things. Actually, that exact thing DID happen in a pretty darned good YA trilogy. Here’s a link to my review of the first 2. Quick, yet good reads. http://jellyjules.com/?p=1203


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