Please & Thank You

Thank You is the bookend to Please.  Much happens in-between the two.

Please is a Magic Word.  I know that because when I was a girl in Brownies we were made to write all sorts of pithy advice on some paper keys.  Then all the various keys were tied together with a piece of yarn.

Of course, one of the other keys reminded us to: Always Say Thank You.  Be grateful, appreciative.  Express this sentiment loudly and often.

Funny how often times in today’s world people do not say thank you.  I think this is a shame because if no one says “thank you” to you, then how are you going to say “you’re welcome” back to him or her?

Heaven knows that this world would run more smoothly if everyone, everywhere was a bit more welcoming– and a bit less judgmental.

Is this not so?  I thank you to think about this.

And to be grateful for those people who still know how to say “thank you.”

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12 thoughts on “Please & Thank You

  1. I like the please part, too. I am entirely tired of people demanding something from me – give me that, stand there, do this – when they could have just said please and at least made me feel better about it. Thank you. 🙂


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