My Take On Valentine’s Day: A Contrarian’s Point Of View

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 9.57.18 AMI won’t lie.  I think that for adults Valentine’s Day is a big ‘ole waste of time & money.  Too contrived.

I like hearts.  I like chocolate.  I like flowers.  I like dinner.  I like jewelry.

But need we do them all on one day?  Would we not be better served if we distributed these little treats of life over the course of a year?

I think that we would be.  And as I adhere to the philosophy that one should be the change one wants to see, I can assure you that the extent of my Valentine’s Day celebration will be this post… with the cute little heart on it.

The rest of you, please carry on in a way that makes sense to you.  I know that you will regardless of what I write here.  Have a good time.  Please.  Do.

But as for me, I think that I’ll follow the wise words of Dharma from Dharma & Greg: “A big part of being open is to embrace things you know are stupid.”

Which, for me, is Valentine’s Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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20 thoughts on “My Take On Valentine’s Day: A Contrarian’s Point Of View”

    1. Polly, conceptually Valentine’s Day is great, but around here the hype & pressure to be IN LOVE is ridiculous. I find myself wanting to hide inside my house just to avoid all the over-the-top fanfare I see in the stores & restaurants. Enough already.


    2. [Polly, I believe this makes more sense now. The wrong version of this posted. For some reason I had difficulty getting this post to publish this morning, but I think that I got it right this time.]


  1. Valentine’s Day is definitely for the young and the just dating. I’ve never cared about all the hoopla, either. It’s just another time of year for the retailers to make lots of money. I only liked making my special VD day boxes in elementary school:)


    1. I think that you’ve nailed. Guilt & sadness shouldn’t be part of a holiday based on love. Yet so many people end up depressed on this day. There’s something out of whack about what Valentine’s Day has become.


  2. i thought i felt the same way too. VD is for kids not for those who have been married 15+ years. which is why i didn’t make plans for this evening or buy a card. then, the hubster did something surprising. he left a beautiful card, on my coffee mug this morning. a really gushy, lovey card. he left one for our daughter too. which makes me fall even more in love with him. and yes, while this happens other days of the year, happening today left me giddy. silly, but true. even after 17 years of marriage. and you should have seen the smile on my face – all the way the work. there just might be something to this day after all……


  3. My husband and I never made a big deal about VD–but I miss him a lot on this day because of all the stress over couples, love and cards/gifts. He would always get me a cute and very appropriate card and some cut flowers, not because HE liked them but because I did.


  4. I agree. It makes me think about what my mother always said about St. Patrick’s day, “Anyone who needs a holiday to get drunk on is an amateur.” In the same vein I say, “Anyone who need a holiday to give a loved one chocolates, flowers and cards is also an amateur.”


    1. la peregrina, I’m laughing here. So true. And as someone with lots of Irish blood coursing through my veins, I have to agree with your mother. Delightful saying. Brilliant woman.


  5. I agree—far better to spread the spirit of the day throughout the year. And forget all the obligatory spending :-(.


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