Existential Suburban Angst: Deciding What Color Armchairs To Buy For The TV Room

My mind is a swimming mess of colors now.  Pity that this isn’t because of a Reiki session;  then I’d be all mellow with the colors in my mind.

Grooving on the Infinite.

Instead, the reality is that we have finally gotten to the point of deciding on new armchairs for the TV room.  Thus I have fabric swatches from Pottery Barn positioned all over the TV room.

As one does in these situations.

I have some swatches pinned to the drapes.  I have some swatches sitting on the floor next to the rug.  I  have some swatches stuck to the back of a kitchen chair placed in the TV room so that I can see what the colors look like from afar.  In other words, I’m looking at color in all its fabulousity from every angle possible because I know how easy it is to pick the wrong shade.

Been there.  Done that.  Many, many times. 

To add to this dilemma, we already have all the walls painted and the sofa purchased [called ocean blue, but I’d call it more blue-gray] and an antique rug in place [basically maroon/ruby-red, navy/blue-gray, gold/tan with bits of peach and aqua].  All of which means that these chairs have to fit within a rather complex color scheme dictated by an old faded rug.

Charming? Yes.  Difficult for me to do? You betcha.

So that’s what is going on around here this afternoon.  And will probably be haunting my dreams this evening.  And plaguing my brain for the next few weeks because decisions like this one come slowly to me.  But when I finally figure out this conundrum, all major decorating decisions in this house will be a thing of the past.

And won’t that be an exciting day for all concerned?!

18 thoughts on “Existential Suburban Angst: Deciding What Color Armchairs To Buy For The TV Room

  1. Always good to examine things in all lights and at different angle when adopting. Once they’re there, you can just send them away – they would just be crushed at not meeting your expectations. Their expectant arms would just sag in sadness and distress. Who could live with that guilt? May the color sprites guide you amid the wash of color choices.


    • philosophermouse, thanks for invoking the color sprites for me! Never thought to do so, which just goes to show how absorbed I’ve been in the angst of it all. Clearly I’m off my mark, not utilizing all available resources to help me with this decision.


    • Margaret, if I breathe deeply and look at the choices long enough I can make good selections. But color does not come easily to me, so I’ve learned to take my time and think it through.


  2. I’m a bit cavalier about such things. I’d say go with something close to one of the colors you mentioned…either the wall or the sofa or the rug…what color does the room need more of? RED is generally a good, warm choice. 🙂


    • J, deciding on stuff within the house brings out the detail freak in me. Your idea about adding more of what the room needs is an excellent one. Smart girl.

      [No red chairs this time. Last time, about 12 years ago, I did pick red chairs, btw. They were warm, but eventually they were so intensely colorful that we got sick of seeing them. Poor babies ended up going to St. Vincent De Paul.]


  3. I’m jealous. I love those great print fabric armchairs, like the ones with books all over them, or animal print, or huge fern leaf patterns. I’d grab two in different, yet contrasting patterns and a complimentary ottoman. What fun!


    • nance, I know what you mean about those bold patterns. They are inviting… maybe because I know if I spill anything on them I won’t ruin them. The spill will just blend. 😉


  4. So you’ve picked out the style you want? That’s got to be half the battle. I hate decisions like this. No matter what you choose, you’ll find something you like better within the week.

    On the other hand, they’re just chairs. Choose what feels right.


    • Zazzy, we know the style [and size] that we want, but the fabric and color has me stymied. You’re right, of course– in the end they are just chairs… but I want them to be the right chairs. They are the last piece to the puzzle that is known as our TV room.


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