Tattoos, Doodles & Unfinished Projects

file6941266100445-1A most peculiar week, this one.  Blue moon and all.  Must have had something to do with it.

~ • ~

A friend is thinking about getting a tat.  3 of her 4 children have at least one tattoo, and she feels like an old fogey without one.  She wants something meaningful with a bit of color, but not gaudy.  Nothing wordy.  Wordy ones, we agree, are too much like work.  Who wants to read themselves?

I’m of the tats need to be organic and flowing school of thought.  She’s of the tats need to include all family members, somehow, school of thought.  Will let you know what she decides on… if she ever does.

~ • ~

Besides contemplating theoretical body art, this week I’ve watched Dr. Who.  Did you know that I was a Whovian?  Well, now you do.

I’m on the 10th Doctor with Donna Noble as his companion.  I’ve read that she comes to some lousy end, so I’m finding this season to be rather bittersweet.  She’s one of my favorite companions;  I do so love her attitude and spunk.  Noisy woman with a heart.  Doesn’t travel light, that one.

Oddly enough, watching Dr. Who this week has me doodling.  I don’t know why, but every time I sit down to watch an episode, I pick up pen/pencil + paper and commence doodling.  Lots of swirls and flowers– and boxy faces composed of rectangles, triangles, stars.

Perhaps I’m creating a tattoo for myself and don’t even know it?  Or maybe I’m more lost in thought than usual.  Regardless, I’m happy listening to/glancing at the Doctor and Donna.  And doodling.  Must. Draw. Doodles.

~ • ~

Sometimes I’m amazed by how I decide to do something productive [like paint the bottom pedestal part of our kitchen table] and how the weather decides to be uncooperative [like hazy/rainy/stormy/humid all fricking week].

This is a project, if it is to be done properly, that requires lots of sunlight and low humidity and a very happy me.  Yet not one day this blue moon week have I been able to work on my project.  Do we not all believe that effort should be rewarded?  Am I not trying here?  

They tell us that the weather isn’t personal, but this week it has seemed personal.  That I’m being thwarted for no good reason whatsoever.  That all my plans have fallen to dust and I’ve been left alone to work around the mess that unfulfilled plans create.

But as we all know: you live, you learn.  Which, from what I can tell, means that some weeks you live with a huge unfinished project smack dab in the middle of your kitchen.  And you learn to not whine about it.

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15 thoughts on “Tattoos, Doodles & Unfinished Projects”

  1. My sympathies. We have two summer projects to do and here it is. Summer almost over and our vacation coming up. This coming week better be nice or……I’ll just have to eat more chocolate.


    1. kate, the weather hasn’t been with me all summer, but I thought that maybe if I started something in good faith I’d catch a break. Of course, on the flip side, there’s no rush on finishing the table… and there are lots more Dr. Who episodes to watch!


  2. I will whine along – we need cooler weather to add some recessed can lights and redo some wiring – but it’s a death wish to go onto the attic with this heat….and there’s some painting that needs doing without all the humidity – and I want to open the windows for the fumes. I’ve tired of waiting weather.
    Now I feel better….haven’t tripped over the light boxes/tools yet today.
    Laughed over the tat. My husband got a tiny one when he was in elementary school – he kept kicking the desk of the kid in front who finally had had enough and turned around and stabbed him with his fountain pen…leaving a blue dots. No whining to teachers in those days….husband became thrilled and showed off his tattoo at recess. It’s still there. Blue goes with everything.
    Have a great weekend


    1. philosophermouse, the weather all summer has been wrong in so many parts of the USA. I cannot imagine trying to rewire in your heat!

      As for a blue dot tattoo, gotta love it. Maybe that’s what my friend should get. It’s retro and simple– with any meaning she wants to give it!


  3. Still trying to decide if I would like Dr. Who. 🙂 Maybe I should give it a try since I’m so into Brit series these days.I don’t have a tat, neither did my husband(who was in the military) and neither do our daughters. So, I’m ignorant about what would look good. :


    1. Margaret, I don’t have a tat either, but my friend has it in her mind to get one. No practical experience to add to her thoughts, just can tell her what I’ve seen that looks good on other people.


    1. Margaret, yes D. T. is the 10th Dr. Who. I started watching the new Dr. Who shows this summer. They begin with the 9th Doctor. I’m completely taken with them all– pure escapism, good messages and fantastic sets/costumes. Lots of fun.


  4. I think Donna’s ending was rather poignant. Not a bad ending, per se, but a little sad.

    A friend of mine gets a new tat whenever something major happens in her life. I cannot commit to a haircut, a tat is way outside by comfort zone, but I think about it now and then.


    1. Zazzy, I knew there was something about Donna. Will find out soon enough.

      I’m like you, a tat seems like much too much of a commitment. Not to mention I don’t need anymore pain in my life. Getting one has to hurt, doesn’t it?


  5. WordPress keeps eating my comments. What is it trying to tell me?

    I guess I’m just an Old Fogey Traditionalist, but I am so dismayed at how mainstream tattoos have become. My own kids (20-somethings, all) have them, and I hate it. And it has been my experience that, like Lay’s potato chips, no one is ever satisfied with just one.

    I always offered my kids and my students the deal that I’d draw whatever they wanted on them with Sharpie markers in all different colours. It’s semi-permanent, custom, and much less painful for them and their mothers.

    You’re a doodler, so make that deal with your friend. At least she can decide what and how big of a tattoo she eventually gets. Sigh.


    1. nance, your observation is the same as mine: no one has just one tattoo. I love the idea of me + a Sharpie + my doodles as a way for my friend to get an idea of what a tat would be like. Wonder what she’ll say when I suggest it?


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