Something Different This Way Comes

“It looks like the repo man has been here.”

~ Zen-Den, looking at the mess in our home office

– • –

Over the weekend we decided to start the process of updating our home office.  It’s where I write this blog and I’ve never been happy with the furniture arrangement and accessories in here.  Too dark.  Too orange-y.  Too blah.

So we ordered a real desk.  Then in anticipation of its arrival we dismantled the computer system that sits on/around/near the horizontal surfaces that I’ve spent the last few years pretending are a desk.  And finally, we dragged all this old, orange-y, non-desk furniture into the basement.

Bottom line?  Cora, my trusty desktop computer that I use to write this blog, is now sitting on a little table that is scrunched into a dusty corner of the deconstructed home office.  Consequently, this means that for the next few weeks until the desk is here and the computer system is back in place, I’m going to be away from the my favorite keyboard.

Considering that Late Summer morphing into Autumn is a beautiful and mellow time of year, I’ve decided that while everything is in flux I’m taking a proper blogging hiatus during the month of September.  Might even extend it into October.  We’ll see.

So with that being said, I’m stepping away from the computer and taking a bit of time off to enjoy my life without the need to write about it.  Shocking idea, I know.

I’ll catch up with you later, kids.  Be safe. Be happy. Be. 

19 thoughts on “Something Different This Way Comes

    • philosophermouse, I’m sure that you’re right. Posts have been known to mill around in my brain for months before I get around to focusing on them! I’ll be full up with ideas when I return.


  1. Enjoy your hiatus, and come back well rested and comfortable and not orange. Thanks for the title…I adored “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, though I know you may have been quoting the original Shakespeare, not the Bradbury story. I LOVED that story. So creepy.


    • J, I plan on enjoying my spare time away from the computer, but it may be the lack of orange that ultimately makes me happiest.

      I was thinking of Shakespeare when I wrote the title. I didn’t know about the Bradbury book, but now that I do, maybe I’ll read it. Just ‘cuz.


  2. It’s good to take time off now and then, to re-boot, re-energize, just give your brain a break:) But we look forward to your return and to hear of the funny, weird things that happen in your life!


    • Beth, I hadn’t planned on taking a hiatus, but once I realized that it was going to take weeks for the home office to come together, I thought: Why Not?

      No doubt I’ll get bored not blogging, but in this moment it sounds good to me. So off I go…


  3. But do make sure you jot down any blogpost ideas. I always think I’ll remember them, and I never, ever do. Have a liberating break.


  4. Just keep notes about what you want to write about.:) I get overwhelmed when I’ve been away too long and feel like I can’t even construct a post. We will miss you!!


    • Margaret, good idea about the notes. Can’t wait to put the notes in a proper desk drawer in a room where the orange is an accent color. Won’t that be exciting?!!


    • Relyn, will do. I want this home office to be usable + PRETTY, so I’m sure that there’ll be something to photograph once it’s all put together again. But right now until the desk arrives, it’s a rather silly mess. And more than a little bit dusty!


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