So, How ‘Ya Been?

When I decided to take my blogging hiatus, I thought that I’d be back to The Spectacled Bean within a few weeks.  But things happened.  Obstacles presented themselves.  And in the course of it all, I lost my blogging mojo.  

So what happened, you wonder?  Well, I think that this is one of those blogging moments when only a list can explain things.  To wit, I give you…

~ ~ • ~ ~


•  Our internet connection stopped connecting.  Without going into the details, suffice to say that we are no longer using the less-than-reliable phone company for our ISP and are now using the cable company for our ISP.  And getting this worked out?  Why, it only took 55 days, during which time I couldn’t get to my blog.

•  Our kitchen sink drain pipe developed a leak that we discovered after said leak had partially destroyed the sub-flooring and was dripping into the basement.  While in and of itself this is not a reason to stop writing, it bothered me.  And a bothered Ally Bean is a scattered Ally Bean– and a scattered Ally Bean can’t focus long enough to write a list, let alone a blog post.

•  We had new carpeting installed upstairs and on the stairs, which created the most cluttered home I’ve ever lived in.  All of the upstairs stuff had to come downstairs– and then, of course, go back upstairs.  The mess was everywhere and lasted for about a month because that’s how long it took us to have the time [and energy] to move the stuff all around.  During that time I couldn’t even get to the computer which was trapped inside our home office turned storage warehouse, so no writing for me.

•  Our property was invaded by stink bugs– whose sole mission was to get inside our house.  For about 3 weeks they were all over the screens, peering into the house, just waiting for the opportunity to wander in and die.  And here is what I learned from that experience: when creepy bugs are looking for their final resting place within my home, I become unnerved and cannot write a word.  

~ ~ • ~ ~

So that’s it from here.  It’s just the same old, same old in a whole new way.  Certainly something more interesting has been happening in your world, my gentle readers.  Spill the beans in the comment section below.  I need to know what’s up with you.

19 thoughts on “So, How ‘Ya Been?

  1. Ally! Welcome back! 🙂
    Now write a three page essay on why home ownership is fun. 😉
    (BTW, speaking of home ownership, we are getting the air ducts cleaned today. In fact, they are here right now.)


  2. Ugh. Home remodeling, redecorating, all that stuff is always awful. And it always takes longer and causes more mess than you think or hope it will. Thank the stars that you at least didn’t have DRYWALL done. The dust! I hate having my home in disarray. The stove and fridge in the dining room, etc. It’s disruptive.

    The bugs–were they those shield-shaped brown marmorated stink bugs? So evil looking. They don’t bite or anything, but they are horror-movie material. Up in NEO, we get a few, but the Asian beetles (“halloween bugs”) are worse.

    Welcome back.


    • nance, the mess got on my nerves. I’m not a neat freak, but there was stuff everywhere I turned. I made a little nest on one end of the loveseat by a table with a coaster on it, and declared it my own spot. [a la Sheldon, if you watch TBBT]

      As for the bugs, you described them accurately. They did no harm but those eyes watching me freaked me out. And they got inside and died under all the stuff that wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Ugh.


  3. Creepy bugs, floods, carpeting! Oh, my. I’m glad you got your internet fixed and it’s nice to see you again. Around here, I’m still waiting for landscaping guy to get much of anything done. Got a leaky toilet and the only plumber in town doesn’t answer his phone or return messages. Same old, same old here as well.

    I really hate creepy bugs by the way. *shudder*


    • Zazzy, sounds like you’re dealing with home stuff, too. Love owning a home, but there are times when the stupidness of the probs makes my head spin. Only one plumber? Now that is a small town!


  4. This is a horrifying list–remodeling(new carpet counts), bugs and leaks. I would also be distracted and unable to put many words together. I’m having my master bathroom redone, and I’m terrified of the chaos. This post made me dread it even more.


    • Margaret, the end result was worth the mess, or at least it was in our case. But it was a revelation to me about how chaos everywhere in the house [and outside if you count the stink bugs] stopped me from writing. I literally couldn’t think straight.


  5. I’ve wondered frequently what happened to you, so glad to hear that what happened was survivable and you are back. I’ve been using my brain again and doing some MOOCs, one of which was an excellent course in Social Psychology run by an Ohio university – Wesleyan. That made me think of you. Those students are lucky people to have such good teaching. Also heard about a museum for social psychology which houses all sorts of amazing artefacts, which is also in Ohio, which also made me think of you – although I appreciate that Ohio is a big place. Bigger probably than I can think of. 🙂 Anyway, glad you are back.


    • Polly, I’m glad to be back. Blogging is fun for me– but only when I can get to my computer easily. I’m such a wimp!

      As for Ohio Wesleyan, I know it well. My mother went there for two years [before transferring elsewhere] and my aunt graduated from there. Talk about a small world! It’s wonderful to know that you’re enjoying what Ohio has to offer the world.

      I don’t know anything about the museum you mention. I’ve never heard of it. Where is it? Do you know? It sounds fascinating.


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