Apparently A Bean Brain Is A Balanced One

balanced brain

I took The 30-Second Brain Test to determine which side of my brain I favored.  The results showed that I use both sides of my brain [what the results described as] equally.

I’m 59%:

  • strategy
  • rationality
  • logic
  • rules
  • language
  • details

I’m 41%:

  • creativity
  • intuition
  • chaos
  • curiosity
  • images
  • fantasy

What I liked the best about this test was that after I received my results there was an option to learn why the test evaluated my answer to each question the way that it did.  In other words, I learned something about how all people see the world in the process of understanding myself.  Neat-o, I say.

While I hesitate to draw any overarching conclusions about who I am from this test, I’m willing to say that it was fun to take.  And considering that my word of the year this year is BALANCE, I’m pleased with my results.

If any of you, my gentle readers, decide to take the test, I’d love to know your results.  I mean, exactly how whacked are you all?  My comment section awaits you.

19 thoughts on “Apparently A Bean Brain Is A Balanced One

    • Beth, I’d expect you to be more right brained. Fascinating how such a fast little test can be so accurate. As for developing your left brain, I dunno. You seem good the way you are!


  1. 50%/50%!
    This must explain why the dancer kept changing directions as I looked at her. But then again when the test asked me to put my hand on my head I used my left hand because my right hand was on the mouse.


  2. The psychology teacher at my school said those test are hokum and that left/right brain dominance has been disproved, but OH, I still enjoyed taking the test. At first I was very right brained which didn’t fit at all. Then I went back and actually read the directions (LOL) and that one turned out even, which is more how I see myself.


    • Margaret, this test is HOKUM?!!! I cannot imagine how that could be! 😉

      That being said, I’m glad that you got the results that made sense to you. Because, well– even hokum should make you happy.


  3. Very interesting – I plan to go back and read more. I’m always interested in how the brain works, it remains one of the most mysterious things in our lives. I’m 59% on the right side, by the way, so stronger on the creative/intuitive side.


    • Zazzy, I found the “why” explanations thought provoking. Like you, I’m always interested in how the human brain works. Cool that you’re as creative as I am strategic.


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  6. I got 68% Right Brained, which is interesting because I work as a payroll tax analyst. Maybe the fact that my job description makes me yawn is telling, no?


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    • Polly, I’m finding that ppl who I know who’ve taken this have come out all over the place. Doesn’t surprise me, really. I know a wide variety of personalities. Always have.


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