I’m Going Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

•  To review, on Friday I presented you, my gentle readers, with 5 Truths & 1 Lie.  Since then many of you have hazarded a guess about which of my statements is the lie.

Also, many of you have suggested that I’m a good liar.  I’m still processing that idea.  I don’t know whether you say it to flatter my ego;  or to cover your butt if you pick the wrong statement as the lie.

•  Be that as it may, the lie I told was:

“4.  I DRIVE a gray SUV.  I named him Bullwinkle because of his color [which Lexus says is blue, but they’re wrong].  He’s not a new vehicle,  but he gets me where I need to go.”

This is a lie because I DRIVE A WHITE V-6 HONDA ACCORD COUPE.  Named Olivia. Rather old.  She has a snazzy decklid spoiler and sports leather seats with wood paneling stuff inside the car.  Plus she gets fabulous gas mileage.

Yep, that’s the way I live.  I’m more Nancy Drew in her little blue roadster than Shirley Partridge in her funky van.

•  All of which brings me to the only reason, I suspect, that any of you are still reading this post.  Thanks to all who took the time to comment, but the few gentle readers who guessed correctly are:

•  And now I will leave it up to the winners to tell me if they prefer to be a guest poster here OR have me write a haiku about you that I’ll post here.  The choice is yours.  I await your decisions.

15 thoughts on “I’m Going Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

  1. I’d love a haiku, but I’m still trying to cope with your rejection of my beloved Thanksgiving “carbohydrate crap.” I’m going to go cry into my mashed potatoes and stuffing now. (The salt goes well with them.)


    • alejna, I’m sorry if I offended you with my strongly worded description of a traditional Thanksgiving meal! Mea culpa. 😉

      Keeping in mind the foregoing, it’ll probably not come as a surprise to you to learn that I’ve been asked to bring fresh lettuce-based salads to our Thanksgiving feast. Clearly, they don’t trust me with the carbs.

      And a haiku it’ll be for you. Next week. Probably.


  2. Ah ha… I wondered about you and an SUV but I didn’t commit that direction. It’s interesting how we feel like we know someone when we read their blog. Not sure that you’re a good liar so much as we just don’t really know you.


    • Zazzy, you know I had the same sort of feeling when I was thinking about this game. In real life everyone knows me by my car, yet online you never see me in it, so how would you know? Blogging provides glimpses and slices of life, but not the whole person. Good to remember that.

      Also, sorry you lost, but Zen-Den, the ringless, proposed near the best smelling bakery ever. Memorable on many levels.


      • I don’t mind losing. As far as Zen-Den The Ringless goes, I’m going to be really corny but it’s the love that matters, not the over-the-top production that is so popular for proposals today.


        • Zazzy, I agree. I once heard a pastor say that he could predict the longevity of a marriage based on the size of the diamond! Smaller diamond = more sincere. Bigger diamond = only for show.


  3. Ohh, fun!! Maybe I should have said that you are very creative, and not a good liar. 🙂 It was difficult for me to imagine someone not liking turkey and carbs. (WHICH I LOVE, whereas I don’t like steak) I may have to test my readers some day when I have more mental energy…to be creative. *wink*


    • Margaret, creative it is, then. Although I suspect that a good liar has a certain creativity about them– with a very good memory [which counts me out].

      Yes, please do try this idea on your blog. It was fun, all around. I look forward to your post.


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