5 Truths & A Lie

[I got the idea for this post from Rara at Rarasaur;  her answers are here.  She got the idea for her post from Jen at Sips of Jen and Tonic;  her answers are here.  Go visit them both.  You’ll like ’em.]

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Here’s what I’m doing.  It’s a bit of a game.  I’m going to tell you a few things about me: 5 things will be truthful, 1 thing will be a lie.  Depending on how closely you’ve been paying attention to me all these years you’ll know the lie immediately.  Or not.

Whoever correctly figures out which statement is a lie, will win the opportunity to either: 1) be a guest poster on this blog;  or 2) have me write a haiku about you that’ll be posted on this blog.  Your choice.

Ready?  Here goes.

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1.  THE HUBSTER proposed to me in the parking lot of a bakery.  He had no ring with him.  All he said was: “so when do you want to get married?”  And that was that.

2.  I PLAYED the violin when I was a girl.  I learned in a Suzuki method class [which means by ear, not by written music].  While I never excelled at playing the violin I did make it to state regional orchestra level one year.  I was the last seat.  And I hated the experience.

3.  WE LIVE in a hilly area in a home built on a wooded ravine lot.  Once upon a time we purchased 200 tons of dirt so that we could create a backyard.  It was a messy project, but now we have a lower level terrace instead of the forest primeval.

4.  I DRIVE a gray SUV.  I named him Bullwinkle because of his color [which Lexus says is blue, but they’re wrong].  He’s not a new vehicle,  but he gets me where I need to go.

5.  I’M NOT a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner.  I’ve made my share of them over the years and they were delicious, but I’d rather have a good steak with a baked potato for dinner than turkey + all that carbohydrate crap.

6.  I HAVE narrow feet, as in women’s AA shoes.  This is more of a problem than you might initially imagine because there are very, very, very few AA shoes available.  The result of this is that I keep my shoes forever and am usually forced to wear a pair of “so out of date you have no idea what decade they came from” shoes.          

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21 thoughts on “5 Truths & A Lie”

    1. Jen and Tonic, this is a great idea. Very fun.

      Thanks for playing along, but I cannot confirm or deny your guess at this time. You understand. All will be revealed later.


    1. Rara, I loved this idea for a post. I’m sure that you’ll understand that I cannot, in good conscience, disclose to you whether or not you have picked the lie. All will be revealed… some day next week when I have the time.


  1. One thing that I’ve learned about you from this post is that you are a VERY convincing liar. 🙂 I know a couple of these are true, but not too sure about the others. I will guess #5, although I am NOT confident.


  2. I’m torn between numbers 4 and 5. In any case, this is a fun game! I eagerly await the unveiling. (And naturally I am tempted to play the game on my own blog, but I just don’t know whether I will find the time in the next few days. I have a big deadline coming up in less than a month, and that is not a lie.)


  3. I’ll guess #5 is the lie, because I adore all of the carbs of Thanksgiving dinner, though honestly, a steak and potato dinner rocks. But the potato is very important to me.

    I much say, some people are really good at lying and making up stories about their pasts. Other people suck at it, like me.


  4. I’m going against the tide and going with #1. Though I’ve been reading along the last couple of years, I missed this story. I hope when you disclose the truth you tell us some of these stories again.


    1. Zazzy, I’m sure that you’ll understand when I say that I cannot tell you right now if your answer is the correct one. Interesting idea about filling in the details about the true statements. Hadn’t thought of doing that.


  5. I guess we never talked about how Zen-Den proposed to you, but I do believe that’s how he would have done it, so….. I have to go with #4.


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