What Is The World Coming To When A Phone Call As Good As This One Isn’t A Prank?

My cell phone rang earlier this morning.  I didn’t recognize the number, but could identify the area code.  It was the area code of an out-of-town friend that Z-D was meeting for an early breakfast.

Thinking that the call might be from that friend who was lost or something, I answered my phone.  This is unusual because I rarely respond to a number that I don’t know.  However, this time I did and the conversation went something like this:

• • •

Male voice:  Hello! I’m looking for John.

Me, realizing that this wasn’t our friend:  I’m sorry but there is no John here.

*sound of me laughing out loud at what I’d heard myself say*

Male voice:  What?  What did you say?

Me, figuring that this was a fun phone prank:  There. is. no. John. here.

*sound of me giggling because I’m so mature and all*

Male voice:  Oh… I’m sorry to have bothered you, ma’am.  I guess I have the wrong number.  Good-bye.

Me, sadly deflated that this hadn’t been a prank call:  No problem.  Good-bye.

*sound of me sighing that such a good set-up had gone for naught*

• • •

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  Is anybody listening to what they’re saying?  It’s such a pity to waste a good *guffaw* when you stumble over one.  Yet that poor man on the phone– so serious.

12 thoughts on “What Is The World Coming To When A Phone Call As Good As This One Isn’t A Prank?

    • Beth, I know! I wondered how he couldn’t get what I’d said, but he didn’t seem to catch on. Guess he was too focused on finding John. I’m still smiling because of that phone call.


  1. Here’s one for you: I was in an online classroom situation with an Irishman, another Londoner and a man from Florida. The man from Florida was saying how nervous he was, like being back at school, etc etc. I tried to make him feel better by saying “relax, it’s not like the teacher can throw the rubber at you or anything like that”. TOTALLY forgetting that in the US rubber is something completely different from what you’d use in the olden days here to clean a blackboard, long before the advent of interactive whiteboards. Poor guy could not stop laughing, so at least I achieved my aim and he relaxed. Me and the London guy and Irish guy were just bemused, but it was way funnier for the Florida chap.

    BTW – no button anymore for being notified of any further replies to this post. Are you able / inclined to put one on? I found it very useful. 🙂


    • Hi Polly, love the story. I’ll be smiling all day over it. At least you were able to acknowledge what you said and get a laugh out of the double meaning. Poor man who phoned me seemed oblivious to humor.

      As for the notification button, good point: WHERE IS IT? During my blogging sabbatical WP changed things, so when I returned to my blog the behind-the-scenes part was different, requiring me to acquaint myself with many settings that heretofore I’ve never played with.

      I’ll see what I can do about the button. Thanks for telling me.


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