Musings While Looking At 7 Pounds Of Cream Cheese

::  As some of you know, in a few days is THE PARTY.  At last count we have 54 guests coming to our not-so-little fiesta.  Early on, this open-house business holiday party was a small little gathering.  Not any more.

Now it is a big party… which, of course, brings me to the topic of this post: cream cheese.

Did you know that 7 pounds of cream cheese = 11,200 calories?

::  I didn’t grow up around cream cheese.  My dad liked it, but my mother hated all things cheesy, so not much cream cheese made it into our house.

It was only after I was out on my own, living in Philadelphia, that I became aware of how DARNED GOOD cream cheese can be– especially on freshly baked bagels.

Did you know that 7 pounds of cream cheese is 5″ high x 9.5″ wide x 5.5″ deep?

::  But even here in a midwest suburb, far away from those east coast bagels, cream cheese is a wonder.  And, come to find out, it is the basis of ALL PARTY DIPS.  Yes, this wondrous substance appeals to young [college interns] and old [retired former co-workers] alike.  It’s the yum that binds a party together.  

Did you know that 7 pounds of cream cheese will allow me to make 9 recipes of dip (3 recipes x 3)?

Jalapeño Popper Dip

Skyline Chili Dip

Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip

::  And it is on this last note that I find myself dawdling here today.  While I know that there is NOTHING DIFFICULT about putting together these dips, I am in awe of the amount of cream cheese that I need to make the dips happen.  Looking at the cream cheese piled up in our refrigerator I see a monument– and it reminds me that a house party this large might be a one and only lifetime experience for me.

I mean, 54 guests?  What the heck were we thinking?!!   

28 thoughts on “Musings While Looking At 7 Pounds Of Cream Cheese

  1. Sounds wonderful! Too bad you live so far or I’d make it 55 guests! You know you can substitute low fat sour cream or yogurt for some or all of the cream cheese to keep the calorie count down. But hey, you don’t do these parties often. Have a great time!


  2. Jalopenos and cream cheese – now you’re talking!! Just as a matter of interest, is Philadelphia known for cream cheese the way it is here? Kraft makes Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It seems fitting that you were living in Philadelphia when you discovered cream cheese. There’s probably no connection, same way there is no connection between Neapolitan ice cream and Naples in Italy, as some manufacturers would have us believe. Although Stilton cheese really comes from Stilton, so maybe.


    • Polly, yes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a brand here. According to a bit of lightening fast research, cream cheese originated in N.Y. Then someone in Philly branded it– and voila! the name we all know and love.

      As you guessed, it was a coincidence that I happened to be living in Philly when I learned about bagels + cream cheese. Man, they were good. Nothing like ’em around here to compare.

      Didn’t know your facts about Neapolitan and Stilton, btw. Interesting.


  3. Better you than me hosting this big shindig!:) I hope you get to taste all of your dips and that you have a magnificent time!


  4. Ahhh, cream cheese! One of nature’s most perfect(ly lovely) foods. Back in The Day, I used to heap it onto Everything bagels, making my favourite college meal. It’s so gorgeous whizzed into mashed potatoes, too. I rarely use it now, but you’re right–it is definitely a holiday ingredient.


    • nance, I haven’t had an Everything bagel in years! What a fun memory. Right now I wouldn’t mind one, but cannot dilly dally when there are dips to make. My 7 pounds of cream cheese has a higher calling than to adorn a bagel.


  5. For everyday (or at least common) use I use Neufchatel or light cream cheese but for the holidays – calories be damned indeed. Cream cheese is a versatile ingredient and of course marvelous on those bagels. Diabetic trivia – we often substitute neufchatel for butter – less fat, fewer calories per ounce, and it actually has at least a little nutritional value.

    Your dips sound great. 54 people sounds crazy. Have fun!


    • Zazzy, didn’t know that about neufchâtel cheese. Makes sense now that you say it. Great. Crazy. Fun. Let’s hope that your positive words describe the party.


  6. 54 people? Your house must be huge. I would be stressed if 20 were coming over. Over 30 and they would have to be upstairs in the bedrooms. 😉 I love the sound of those dips; wish I could come!! Number 55?


    • Margaret, our house is not huge… which is making me nervous about this party. It’s an open-house so we hope ppl come & go in waves. If not, the guests will be sitting on the steps to upstairs and mingling on the deck in the cold.


  7. 7 lbs of cream cheese is one heck of a party! Hope it is a smashing success. I think you should be okay people usually do come and go at parties. And people find places to wedge themselves in for good fun and good company. 🙂


  8. So. . .what happened to all this cheese now that the party was cancelled? Did you re-schedule?? I love cream cheese, by the way, I have a great cheesecake dip you may want to try if you need a sweet dip. So addicting though.


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