As Promised, Four Haiku For You

[I did this.  Which led to this.  Resulting in the following.]

[Also, did you know that “haiku” is singular or plural?  The same is true for the word “you.”  So, if I had ignored the foregoing, then the title of this post could have been: Four Haikus For Yous.]

[FYI – I prefer saying the incorrect title for this post better than the one I put on it.  However, I’m too much of a grammar nerd to use the wrong title in print.  If I did, what would Google think?!!]

For Jen:

blogging with tonic:

clever. smart. hilarity.

child-free, likable.

For alejna:

pursuing degree.

photos delight, children too.

collecting: old-school.

For Beth:

with flute, music made.

at home in carolina:

friend, artist, walker.

For Polly:

studies French for fun.

writer. mother. coffee, please.

wonderful to catch!

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Ally Bean

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17 thoughts on “As Promised, Four Haiku For You”

  1. Ooh I love mine! In fact I like them all. Very good twist in the last line. Wonderful. Any plans to do any more of these competitions?


  2. You nailed mine! I will cherish it forever:)
    The only Haiku I remember writing was in 6th grade. I wrote:
    Pretty pink petals
    Floating downward from the sky
    Decorating me!
    I have no idea why I remember that.


    1. Jen, happy that you liked what I wrote. Don’t know that I want to make a habit of creating a haiku for everyone I meet, but just this once it was fun.


  3. Wonderful! I like mine very much. But I do find myself pondering the “old-school.” Old-school blogging? Old-school collecting? Old and still in school? In any case, thank you for the lovely haiku, and the lovely compliment embedded therein.


    1. alejna, I’m laughing here. I didn’t think of the idea that you might be older while pursuing your degree. I was using old-school in the sense of having been around the blogosphere for a long time– like me. We definitely keep niche-free personal blogs reminiscent of the early days of blogging. 🙂


      1. Ah, yes, old-school personal blogging. Agreed! We are both niche-free personal bloggers of the old school. I think we need a logo!

        And glad I made you laugh.


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