A Poem In Which We Once Again Talk About Fuzzy The Squirrel


The morning was beautiful, the sky was blue,

I glanced out the window for something to do.


Neighbor Kitty, most calm, asleep in the leaves,

While above him there plotted three sciurine thieves.


Their leader, a dickens, named Fuzzy by me,

Stared down upon Kitty, while perched in a tree.


I feared for them all should trouble arise,

But Kitty kept sleeping, there was no surprise.


The squirrels soon tired of barking at cat,

And decided to use the limb for a chat.


The photo you see makes it look oh so dreamlike,

But I swear to you here, it truly was scheme-like.


This post is now over, my rhyme will be ending,

But with Fuzzy’s approval, this poem I’m sending.

Bunny Haiku & To April I Say Adieu

April is one of my least favorite months of the year.

I’m allergic to it and I don’t groove on all the mud courtesy of the rain and I have to pay taxes and I have to watch on the news while “patriotic” wingnuts get their panties in a wad over what it means to be an American and et cetera, et cetera.


However, one thing that I do like about April is that it’s national poetry month.  I didn’t learn much of anything about poetry when I was in college because my English major program was much too practical for such things, but I did learn how to write a haiku.

Thus I give you the following poem, with stunning rabbit-y photos taken yesterday, as my good-bye to April, a month that makes me sneeze like no other month can.


Bunny Haiku

Bunny on a hill,


Spotted me, then turned ’round,


Now perfectly still.

The Bean Abides

A Poem on the Occasion of the Beginning of my 12th Year in the Blogosphere

• • •


• • •

I started small because I didn’t know,

What to expect from this blogging show.

My friends in real life ignored my blog dream,

It made me so mad that I wanted to scream.

But continuing on I wrote each day,

Knowing that others would head this way.

• • •

My mantra simple, my goals were clear:

Give the readers a story to cheer.

“I will not whine, nor over-share,

I will show up and rarely swear.

I am authentic, I refuse to mock, 

I enjoy learning, and taking stock.”

• • •

Perspicacious am I, willing to share,

Light of heart, but still I care.

Nuanced and nutty, in equal part,

I have been quirky, right from the start.

Stick-to-itiveness, I think you’ll agree,

Is the word that best describes me.

• • •

Free-spirited, niche-less, with content well-written,

Yet editors varied with me are not smitten.

No Freshly Pressed badge, will you see here,

It seems what I write, they just do not hear.

But now gentle readers, in you I confide,

No matter what happens, the Bean will abide.

• • •

A special thanks to la peregrina at Santiago Dreaming who’s been here with me from the beginning AND to Margaret at Stargazer who’s been around here for almost as long.  You both paid attention to me when no one else did– and helped me, a reserved introvert, gain the confidence to keep on writing.  Love you both.

[H/T to D. Parker at yadadarcyyada whose wonderful post “Why I Will Never Be Freshly Pressed” put me in a mind to write this poem.]

A Harbinger Of Spring: Hello Mr. Stink Bug




The itsy bitsy stink bug walked ‘cross the window sill,

down came the shade and made him take a spill.

Up came the shade and found him walking tall,

and the itsy bitsy stink bug was not fazed at all.


We started spring cleaning over the weekend.  Or, to be more accurate, we started Spring Let’s-Get-Rid-Of-All-This-Stuff-In-The-Basement-ing over the weekend.  As we did so, a friendly, non-judgmental stink bug, who wanted nothing more than to continue to live on our window sill, regardless of the amount of junk in our basement, watched us.  And then, without any qualms whatsoever, he posed for a photo.

As Promised, Four Haiku For You

[I did this.  Which led to this.  Resulting in the following.]

[Also, did you know that “haiku” is singular or plural?  The same is true for the word “you.”  So, if I had ignored the foregoing, then the title of this post could have been: Four Haikus For Yous.]

[FYI – I prefer saying the incorrect title for this post better than the one I put on it.  However, I’m too much of a grammar nerd to use the wrong title in print.  If I did, what would Google think?!!]

For Jen:

blogging with tonic:

clever. smart. hilarity.

child-free, likable.

For alejna:

pursuing degree.

photos delight, children too.

collecting: old-school.

For Beth:

with flute, music made.

at home in carolina:

friend, artist, walker.

For Polly:

studies French for fun.

writer. mother. coffee, please.

wonderful to catch!