A Poem In Which We Once Again Talk About Fuzzy The Squirrel


The morning was beautiful, the sky was blue,

I glanced out the window for something to do.


Neighbor Kitty, most calm, asleep in the leaves,

While above him there plotted three sciurine thieves.


Their leader, a dickens, named Fuzzy by me,

Stared down upon Kitty, while perched in a tree.


I feared for them all should trouble arise,

But Kitty kept sleeping, there was no surprise.


The squirrels soon tired of barking at cat,

And decided to use the limb for a chat.


The photo you see makes it look oh so dreamlike,

But I swear to you here, it truly was scheme-like.


This post is now over, my rhyme will be ending,

But with Fuzzy’s approval, this poem I’m sending.

27 thoughts on “A Poem In Which We Once Again Talk About Fuzzy The Squirrel

  1. And here I thought I was the only one to put eloquent prose and storytelling to squirrel pictures. This is most excellent, and I’m sure Fuzzy would approve… if he weren’t too busy plotting someone/something’s demise at this moment.


    • Zazzy, Fuzzy comes and goes around here. I only see him intermittently– or he may be here all the time, just laying low. I’ve yet to feed him because I suspect he does just fine snitching seed from the neighbors’ bird feeders + dining on the nuts that he saves all over our yard. You, of course, would be a much kinder squirrel hostess than I am.


    • Michelle, love the names of your neighborhood squirrels. I know what you mean about the entertainment value of watching squirrels do something, preferably while I sip my tea and contemplate the meaning of life.


  2. We’ve had a “return of the squirrels” event here. For most of the summer there was a hawk family camped nearby along with a fox family. I saw papa fox scoop up a squirrel for breakfast one morning. After that there wasn’t much activity. In the past month we’ve seen dozens returning to our lush buffet. I usually buy some corn cobs which they share with the crows during the winter. In return they entertain me and the indoor cats. Gotta love ’em.


    • Kate, wow! A fox ate one of your squirrels. That’d freak me out more than our wild turkeys with their beady little eyes. Do you suppose that the return of the squirrels means that the fox family has moved on? Also, am intrigued by the idea that your squirrels share corn with crows. Somehow I can’t see Fuzzy ever sharing anything with any other creature. You know how he is!

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      • Yes, I saw the fox. I was busy encouraging my old cat Jake to come inside so he wasn’t dessert. (He’s a little big for the foxes though.) I yelled at them to drop my squirrel but they ran off with it. 😦 Haven’t seen the foxes in a couple of months so maybe. As for sharing, it’s he who has the cob that gets the corn. Sometimes the crows get there first and sometimes the squirrels. The crows just eat the kernels and usually don’t finish it all but the squirrels take the entire cob and hide it!


  3. This is great! Thank you for making me laugh with your Fuzzy adventures. It does look like they’re plotting something there. I’m glad they didn’t decide to jump on your cat and take him for a ride around the yard.


    • Sheila, those squirrels are always up to something so the fact that they didn’t bother the cat makes me wonder what they were really doing on that branch. They’re just plain goofy… but do lend themselves to some fun stories. πŸ™‚

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    • Margaret, thank you. I’m a natural born story teller from a long line of story tellers! Learned to weave a tale as a small child to entertain the adults– and to avoid doing what I was supposed to be doing. I also procrastinate well. Another gift… or curse, depending. πŸ™‚


    • Britt, if only neighbor Kitty was friendlier sort of cat, I’d cuddle with him. But he’s a mouser, always on guard against humans, but totally indifferent to squirrels [and neighbor dogs]. He’s a beautiful character.

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