Bunny Haiku & To April I Say Adieu

April is one of my least favorite months of the year.

I’m allergic to it and I don’t groove on all the mud courtesy of the rain and I have to pay taxes and I have to watch on the news while “patriotic” wingnuts get their panties in a wad over what it means to be an American and et cetera, et cetera.


However, one thing that I do like about April is that it’s national poetry month.  I didn’t learn much of anything about poetry when I was in college because my English major program was much too practical for such things, but I did learn how to write a haiku.

Thus I give you the following poem, with stunning rabbit-y photos taken yesterday, as my good-bye to April, a month that makes me sneeze like no other month can.


Bunny Haiku

Bunny on a hill,


Spotted me, then turned ’round,


Now perfectly still.

24 thoughts on “Bunny Haiku & To April I Say Adieu

  1. Love the photos of the big bunny! People here also suffer horribly with allergies in April. But it is such a beautiful, colorful month, too.
    I remember a haiku I wrote in 6th grade: Pretty pink petals
    Floating downward from the sky
    Decorating me!
    Have a happy May with less sneezing:)


    • Beth, lovely haiku. Maybe the best thing about haiku is that it’s easy to remember, so everyone feels like a poet! I always feel better in May– like magic almost. Only one more day…


  2. My 4th grade teacher made us write haikus until it made us sick to even pick up a pencil. Me and poetry have never gotten along…. unless it’s the musical, rock and roll kind.


      • My 4th grade teacher was Satan reincarnate. She gave me the only F I ever got on a report card….. in Science….. because my handwriting on the few science homework assignments we had was too sloppy. She also enjoyed dumping the contents of my messy desk out in front of the whole class because she wanted neatness. I tend to dislike anything that I associate with her…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I have mixed feelings toward April; it’s an expensive month with taxes–both income and property, car insurance, etc. But it’s also when spring starts up in earnest and flowers start blooming. (hence your allergies?) It’s usually a gray and rainy month here, but it’s been mostly decent weather which does uplift the mood. 60+ degrees and sunny? No wonder we’re in a drought.


    • Margaret, I know what you mean. I like seeing the transformation from gray winter to green, green, green spring– but I get cranky because my eyes itch and I sneeze all the time. We have yet to get to 60+ degrees around which adds to my grumbles. Most of the year I’m indifferent to what month it is, but April bugs me. So why not write about it?!!


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