Hello 2014…


January.  A new year.  Snow.

Time for resolutions?  Reconsiderations?  Regrets, even.

Who to be.  What to do.  And why.

Stay curious.  Learn something.

Keep moving.  Be healthy.

Play nice.  Have friends.

Get organized.  Be productive.

Pray daily.  Don’t panic.

More like guidelines, really.  Not quite resolutions.  Yet worthy of consideration.

Can do.  A good way to live + love.  This year.

And perhaps, forever.

18 thoughts on “Hello 2014…

  1. Lovely picture, wonderful “who to be’s & “what to do’s,” and the new format looks great on my machine. Happy 2014 Madame Bean – I hope it is all that and a bag of chips for you. And us.


  2. That is a really lovely photograph – and makes snow look somehow friendly and magical. I love your simple list, as well. Most of us seem to be trying to sort out complicated and sometimes self punishing goals and you have nailed the big thoughts in just a few, simple words.


    • Zazzy, why thank you! Small & simple is the only way I know of to make sure that I accomplish my resolutions. I leave the big issues & goals for the spring when there’s more sunshine!


  3. Can’t decide if the tree is flinging frosty jewels outward or if it’s tons of little white stars floating to light the tree – but it’s a great picture- perfect match for the post: Cool.
    (also love the textures and colors of the header…certainly looks like life building a path)


    • philosophermouse, your explanations of the photo & my new header are great. You’d make a good copy writer… on Madison Ave… being clever & getting rich! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your observations.


  4. There’s food for thought in the words beneath that gorgeous image. I already love this blog and I can tell I’ll be spending more time reading here in 2014.

    P.S. I like the theme change too.


    • timethief, thank you for your kind words. I hope to be able to live up to my simple guidelines during 2014; but flawed human being that I am, I suspect that many days I won’t do so well. 😉


  5. I like your new theme! Happy New Year, and I do agree, I hope it’s all that and a bag of chips. For you and ZD, for me and mine, for everyone.


    • J, what a wonderful blessing for us all! I’m rather pleased with this new template theme, too. I’m happy that you liked it as well. Ever going to join the WP world? 😉


    • Stephanie, I’m feeling that my guidelines might be better than any resolution or rule that I’ve ever made. Keep it real, go with the flow– that’s what guidelines are for, right?


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