My Last Post Of 2013: Tidings Of Amazement & Joy

Looking at my calendar and contemplating the next few weeks, I’ve decided to skedaddle out of here.  Bug out, if you will.  Depart.  There will be no more posting to this blog, The Spectacled Bean, until next year.

Let’s call 2013 a done deal, shall we?

But first before I go, I give you the following video: How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas.  This video, which has been around since 2009, is new to me.  If you’ve ever lived with a cat, this video will amaze you.  Confound you.  Inspire you, even.

I dunno, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

And with that, all that’s left for me to add here is this lovely blessing that I found inside a holiday greeting card.  The words resonated with me, so I shall share them with you, my gentle readers.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And a Happy New Year, too.

~ • ~

“May the magic of the season warm your heart…

may you find hope and peace in the quiet moments spent with those you love,

and may your holiday be filled with everything that brings you joy.”

~ Victoria Barone

~ • ~

12 thoughts on “My Last Post Of 2013: Tidings Of Amazement & Joy

  1. Amazing! Catnip must have been involved there, or whiskey. No way either of ours would allow that to happen! Cute, clearly the cat was fine with it. Merry Christmas to you too, hope you have a relaxing break. Looking forward to 2014. Polly


  2. Merry Everything! Love that video. Like your two cats, neither of mine would allow it either. Maybe that is a much older, much more settled cat. I’ll try it on mine and see what happens.


    • nance, I’d love to know what happens when you decide to wrap your cat. I can’t imagine that any cat would put up with it, but here’s a video to prove otherwise. Happy holidays to you.


  3. Why do you keep thinking you’re allowed to take blog vacations? Didn’t you just return? Have a lovely end of your year. See you bright and early in 2014.

    None of my cats would have allowed me to wrap them. Stasia at least would have enjoyed the sitting on the paper part. I had to wrap things in a closed room then hide them from the cat so she wouldn’t pull off the bows and shred the paper.


    • Zazzy, yes, I know… I just came back. But at this time of year when the days are short & the Christmas frenzy is in full swing, I find that I’m too pooped to post. So why fight it?

      Stasia would pull off the bows? Wow. My cats never thought of that. She was an overachiever, clearly.


  4. Sitting here listening to Christmas music, so loved your verse. I hope you have a great Christmas and relaxing time with Zen Den. I’ve seen this video, but looked at it again and laughed again! One of our cats would probably have let us do that to her. I just didn’t think of it! See you next year!


    • Beth, somehow I missed this video and couldn’t believe it when I first watched it. No way would our cats allow that sort of indignity to be foisted upon them.

      [Maybe you could wrap Mozart this way? He’s smallish like a cat. 😉 ]


  5. Giggles. Simply wonderful. I needed that!
    And blog silence – best focus on things that are important…like cats! (Bob has a post written, and one other about done for later and that’s probably it for a bit, too)
    Seriously, have a great Christmas.
    (and this is hilarious…must send link to Granny’s person)


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