Regarding Sweetness & Light For Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Here are five links of sweetness and light to put you in the right frame of mind.  Enjoy!

√  Fall in love all over again… with puppies.  Watch commercial many times.  Feel all warm & fuzzy inside.  [Which TV show used this music as its theme?]

√  Remember how much you loved the romantic movie You’ve Got Mail.  View the movie’s original promotional website.  Allow its simple charm + your memories of the movie to make you smile.

√  Bake some Mini Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Icing.  Be overwhelmed with happiness upon tasting them.  Try not to eat them all in one sitting.  So good.

√  Print a few free Valentine’s Day cards to give to your sweetie + friends + family.  Remember to give yourself a card, too.  Just because.

√  Take a look back in time when a girl’s dream was to have a man sweep her off her feet.  Be amazed by what good-looking, athletic Douglas Fairbanks, as  Zorro, could do.

14 thoughts on “Regarding Sweetness & Light For Valentine’s Day

  1. Who can resist puppies? What a cute commercial:)
    So glad I got my sweetie a card and present earlier, since we are snowed in for the 2nd day!
    Cinnamon rolls-YUM! But we can’t get out to a store, so we’ll have to finish our Christmas cookies:)
    Such drama back in the day!


    • Beth, I know, right? Those puppies are so sweet [or sweeet to quote the commercial].

      Snowed in you say? Been there, done that already this winter. But when you are able to escape to the grocery, get the ingredients and try those mini cinnamon rolls. They are good warm out of the oven– or cold the next day.

      As for Zorro, you said it: drama. It made me smile to watch it.


    • robin, the puppies are the cutest. I already like McVitties so I’ll buy them regardless of the ads, but talk about a good way to get people interested.

      I’ve seen You’ve Got Mail lots of time, but I need to see Sleepless in Seattle again. Both of those movies are a delight, imho.


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  3. I think I’ve been to the coffee shop/restaurant that was featured in You’ve got mail and of course, live close to Seattle. 🙂 I need to watch some feel good movies and eat fun stuff. Valentine’s Day is hard for me for many reasons–just need to get through it.


    • Margaret, I’m impressed. It’s called Cafe Lalo, huh? Should I ever get to NYC I’d like to go there.

      I think that you’re on to something with light movies + fun food for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Can’t beat that combo!


  4. You’ve Got Mail holds absolutely no charm for me, though puppies most certainly do. I love Sleepless in Seattle, and I wanted so much to like You’ve Got Mail. Just didn’t.

    I hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!


    • Thanks J. Our Valentine’s Day was delightful in a snowy, overcast, just-happy-to-be-safely-at-home-during-a-winter-storm sort of way! Hope that yours was less inclement, more romantic. Filled with puppies. 🙂


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