Fess Up: When Was The Last Time That You Did Something Just For The Heck Of It?


I don’t know if arty is the right word to use here.

Maybe what I did by cutting out images from catalogues and then placing them in a stylish way upon our dining room table isn’t arty.

Maybe it’s just plain goofy.

Or maybe it’s just an example of nostalgia.   You know, the sort of thing that we used to do when we were young and had time on our hands and there was no Pinterest.

Yep, that’s the explanation that I’m going to go with here.  This inspiration board is RETRO.

Something that I did just for the heck of it.  

Like when I was a girl with an eye for graphics and design– but didn’t know that was what I really was doing when I made my inspiration boards.   

Or, as in this case, like an adult trapped inside the house courtesy of frigid temps, looking for ways to “refresh” & “make a statement.”      

16 thoughts on “Fess Up: When Was The Last Time That You Did Something Just For The Heck Of It?

  1. Love your arrangement! Particularly like the owl one and the lemon one, but I’m big into both of those. And the one with the table with the stones in the background. Today I made vegan brownies, just for the heck of it. Midweek. Very decadent.


    • Polly, thanks. This was fun to do, but turned out rather limited because I didn’t have many catalogues. Next time I need mags + catalogues so that I can make something larger and more insightful.

      Love that you made vegan brownies. They do sound rather heckish, so to speak! 😉


    • They add a bit of perspective to this photo, don’t they? Plus I liked how the wood tone of the table and the rug pattern went together so well, so my feet had to be in the pic.


  2. Is there a project you’re finding inspiration for? I like the pops of yellow and orange, particularly the tree. Now and then I think about what I’d do with this house if it were mine and I had the money. I think the most arty thing I do these days is my monthly banner.


    • Zazzy, there was no reason at all that I did this. I was bored. The catalogues were in a pile, so…

      A monthly banner is definitely arty and has a certain heckishness to it. Good for you!


  3. It’s funny. I focused first on your feet, too. I love all the pictures you so artfully displayed. I like that you anchored the scene with the phrases. What are you going to do with these now?


    • Beth, happy feet add to the photo! I’m doing absolutely nothing with this now. It was a “just for the heck of it” project.

      Sometimes I think that we all do way too many purposeful things and not enough goof-off things. This was definitely the latter.


  4. I used to cut images out of magazines and make collages. Lately, my “just for the heck of it” projects include reading a book. I don’t have much time to do anything outside of kids, cooking and laundry. Most days, I don’t even get out of my pajamas. *sigh*


    • Lisset, I wonder if every girl at some point in her life made collages? Rhetorical question, that one.

      I can see how reading a book can be a “just for the heck of it” thing to do. Sounds delightful, in fact.


  5. I love the spontaneity and creativity of it. I’m not by nature that way, although intellectually I’m very creative. When it has to do with arty stuff, I freeze up! It’s frigid there again? We’re expecting snow this weekend in Western WA, but luckily I’ll be in Southern CA, where it will be RAINING. Bah.


    • Margaret, it was truly a spontaneous project. It means nothing, it’ll be tossed out soon enough, but it was fun to do. It was like being a kid again– and goofing off with whatever was at hand just to pass the time.


  6. Thursday. I went to my favorite chocolatier and got a wicked hot cocoa and sat and people watching for half an hour. Just because I could. It was awesome. Need to do more things for the heck of it. 🙂


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