The Return Of Five Senses Friday

It’s been a long time since I did this meme.  It originated a long time ago on a blog that is now defunct.  However, this wonderful idea lives on.  If you wish, you may play along in the comment section below or on your own blog.

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FEELING:  relaxed and happy.  well-rested.  ready to throw myself into new projects, dreamed up during my quiet days at home during our snow emergencies.

HEARING:  energy.  the fan of the furnace as it keeps this house a cozy temp.  the clickety-clack that my keypad makes when I type anything.

TASTING:  coffee.  bold, yet not harsh.  the way most of my days begin.

SEEING:  prettiness.  sunshine streaming through the open wooden blinds in the living room, illuminating the artwork that hangs on the wall above the loveseat.

SMELLING:  lime zest & cyprus.  freshness.  all because I washed my hands with my favorite kitchen soap before I sat down in our home office [across the foyer from the living room] to write this post.     

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15 thoughts on “The Return Of Five Senses Friday”

  1. Your environment always sounds lovely, an oasis of calm and beautiful things. 🙂
    FEELING: extremely positive as have recently put in an offer on a house (moving at last!) and been offered a job.
    HEARING: Ticking clock and whirring computer. I hadn’t realised it was so quiet until I stopped to listen. The thoughts whirring round my head were making lots of noise until I focussed on what’s around.
    TASTING: Just finished a coffee and vegan brownie. Trying to find vegan & grain free cookies / cakes / whatever, maybe with pumpkin.
    SEEING: Chaos. Packing to move, stuff everywhere, and had to go to the shopping centre this morning to buy new clothes for the little man who seems to have grown 1 1/2 inches in no time at all.
    SMELLING: Daffodils in a vase just starting to come out on the kitchen table. Cats are smelling catnip as just put some out for them and they are loving it in a very dreamy, stoned kind of way. 🙂


    1. Polly, I love your list! Thanks for playing along.

      Happy to hear about the house + the job. I know what you mean about the whirring inside your head– me too. Pumpkin, yum. Pass on the recipe if you find it, ok? Not so crazy about moving for the very reason you mention: chaos. Our daffs are at least a month away from blooming, so lucky you.

      Happy weekend! Talk [type] at you next week. 🙂


    1. philmouse, it is cozy around here today. Winter is on its last legs and I’m in a good head space about spring. Please, stop on by. I’ll let you wash your hands with my scented soap! 😉


  2. First of all, I LOVE the picture!!
    Feeling- much better today than yesterday on this roller coaster illness I’m on
    Hearing- classical music playing on my stereo
    Tasting- Great grains cereal that I added some raisins to and a great cup of tea
    Seeing- all the squirrels playing on our back deck
    Smelling- a banana that I also plan to eat soon


    1. Beth, I thought the photo was cool, too. It’s from morgueFile & doesn’t require attribution. Link here, in case you’re looking for this image– or want to see many other ones.

      Glad that you’re doing better today. I like classical, too. Breakfast for lunch, my dear? Squirrels are not my friends… but they can be fun to watch… when they’re not invading your house. Yum, banana!

      Thanks for playing along. I like this meme. It captures a moment in time.


  3. That seems like a welcome contrast with the mind activity, and the transcription of it, that in my experience so often become my focus when I’m using a computer. It feels liberating to write about how my feet feel in contact with the ground as I sit in front of my laptop, or some other pure description of what’s going on right now.


    1. Chris, for me so much of what I do is cerebral, inside my brain. But this activity lets me pause and soak in the rest of what’s going on around me. I haven’t done this meme in years, but now that I have again I need to include it here more often.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  4. Cool Meme, Ally. Isn’t is nice when our handsoap stays with us and the smells remind of us something pleasant? 🙂


    1. Thanks. I like it too, but am sorry that the blogger who started it is no longer around. She had such good, simple ideas. And yes, I love lightly scented soaps! They make me feel fancy.


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