In Which I Become A Cliché & Make Myself Laugh

I ate dessert first last night.

I wasn’t certain if I was hungry so I had a snack of yogurt and homemade granola, which I sometimes have for my dessert.

After I ate it I was sure that I was hungry so I made myself a lovely dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes and broccoli and cranberry sauce.

Zen-Den was traveling for business so it was just me dining at the kitchen counter.

• • •

It wasn’t until I started cleaning up the kitchen that I realized that I’d eaten my meal in reverse order.

I started laughing at myself.

I mean, no one thinks that they’ll be the real life embodiment of a pop culture cliché gleaned allegedly from a woman born in 1892, yet I managed to do it.

By accident, of course.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 6.07.07 AM

25 thoughts on “In Which I Become A Cliché & Make Myself Laugh

  1. Don’t you just love eating alone sometimes? You can then eat what you want when you want. And no one can say anything. Every once in awhile popcorn and M&Ms are my dinner. At least we’re happy! And isn’t that what life’s all about?


  2. I’m always on my own now, being a widow and my eclectic dinners are too embarrassing to recount here. They usually involve cheese, salad and maybe some chips and salsa. 🙂


  3. It was a pretty healthy dessert, to be fair! Had you been full after that, it would have just as well been a decent meal, one that many people have as a breakfast.

    I ate alone last night, too, but I wasn’t as creative as you were. Leftover Chinese carryout in front of the news was my dinner. Boring and unsatisfying. I’d have rather eaten with you.


    • nance, I agree that it was healthy, especially for a dessert. I was hoping that it’d fill me up so that I could be finished with the whole dinner thing, but no! I don’t often make a big dinner for myself when I’m alone, but I saw all the ingredients in the frig and thought: why not?


  4. Real food. You ate real food – no matter the order. Pretty impressive to make actual dinner for just yourself. (If you had napkins rather than grabbed paper towel as needed, I’m totally floored.)
    Funny story – Eating in installments not such a crazy idea at all.


    • philmouse, I don’t always make myself [or husband & me] a real dinner, but on that particular day I was hungry– and the ingredients were on hand.

      And well– yes, I used a cloth napkin because that’s what we have here in this house because that’s how I was reared so that is what I buy. It’s a WASP thing, ‘ya know?


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