Bourbon, Bunnies & Baffling Skies + Q[s]OTD

An acquaintance suggested that I needed to start an Instagram account.  She’s there and loves it.  She thinks that I could drive traffic to my blog from Instagram + she likes my photos and wants to see them all in one place.

Isn’t that sweet?


So last night, as a test run, I snapped some photos around here.  I figure that these are the sort of photos that I’d probably put on Instagram, if I was there.

Which I’m not sure that I’m going to be.


As I was taking these pics I remembered a woman from years ago who had a unique blog, the name of which I don’t remember, in which she posted one photo per day of her kitchen table OR of what she saw while sitting at her kitchen table.

Her kitchen counter.  Her backyard.  Her sky.


And suddenly I was giggling to myself because what I’d snapped for my Instagram test run was exactly what this blogger, who I hadn’t thought of in years, used to do.  Yet here I was doing the same thing, lending credence to: everything old is new again!

# # #


1)  Are you on, or do you follow people on, Instagram?  What do you like about it? What do not like about it?  Should I be there?

2)  In general, when viewing other people’s photos, what is your favorite kind of photo to see?  And why?

42 thoughts on “Bourbon, Bunnies & Baffling Skies + Q[s]OTD

  1. I’m not on Instagram, but I often hear that I should be. But who has the time? I can barely keep up with my blog, Twitter, and Facebook. I completely neglect Google+ and LinkedIn. Maybe after my second book is out, I’ll consider it. Ditch FB and switch to Instagram. That’s tempting.


      • Carrie, I wonder about the time commitment involved in learning how to use Instagram effectively. It’s a cool place, so I might join in… but then again, my blog and Twitter keep me busy.

        I like cat photos, too. However, as we don’t have any cats, I’m going to suggest that my hypothetical Instagram account is not going to have any cat photos on it. Just a hunch. 😉


          • I was on Pinterest for a few years when it was new. It’s a HUGE time suck– and there’s something a little bit sneaky about it.

            I mean, there I was collecting other people’s images willy nilly and then kind of presenting them as my own, sort of. I felt weird about Pinterest, so I left.

            Reading a book is a better use of my time.


              • I got a real giggle over you two talking. Who has time – which one is the best use of time and energy? Pin interest kinda seems odd to me too.
                (No wonder the kids are all going to the outlets of fewest words or just pix…so many media outlet – and in addition real life? Tired, so tired….all I need is yet another excuse not to write seriously…)


                • philmouse, Pinterest was an amazing design source in its early years, but it devolved into cream of mushroom soup recipes + cutesy nail polish links! I had no interest in either, so I left. Haven’t missed what it became at all.

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  2. I have not the First Clue about Instagram. I am always bored by looking at photos of Stuff, period. Especially if it is Stuff I Have No Personal Connection To.

    But you know me: hate FB, don’t do Twitter, don’t get Pinterest, yada yada yada. Toss me as the Outlier.


    • nance, I can understand why you, Madame Outlier, wouldn’t gravitate toward Instagram. There are photos of stuff every which way in it.

      But the thing is, I adore photos of stuff! It’s the interior designer in me who longs to make this house and garden, all houses and gardens, better. So maybe I do belong there?


  3. Instagram only exists because as soon as cell phones became equipped with cameras, they quickly became toys… and the children of all ages who played with them needed a quick place to upload them to bore the hell out of their friends with random crap from their lives. “Oh look at what I’m having for dinner everybody!” “OMG, don’t I look so totally slutty in this bathroom mirror selfie?” “Check out this fuzzy photo of the paint on this wall drying!”

    I think you pretty much summed up what Instagram is about with that erstwhile blogger you conjured up…


    • evilsquirrel13, I suspect that you’re right about the origins of Instagram. 😉 I’m not one to photograph meals, myself or walls of drying paint so I might not be a hit there!

      On the other hand, I’ve seen some snazzy Instagram accounts that have a theme and are compelling, inspiring. I might be able to do something like that. Maybe.

      I’m really on the fence about this Instagram idea. Can you tell?


  4. I don’t follow anyone on Instagram. I have enough to read already. And my life isn’t interesting enough for me to be on Instagram. I struggle to take a few photos for the blog each week.

    I always love your photos and if you do get an Instagram account, I may finally have to start following someone there.


    • Zazzy, I have mixed feelings about Instagram. I’ve seen some cool accounts there, but I doubt that they just happen. There has to be hours of work involved to achieve such coolness.

      Plus I don’t know if I want to be snapping photos all the time.

      Seems like I might be able to do Instagram IF I had a specific, narrow theme for my account. But no niche jumps to mind, so we’ll see if this idea goes anywhere or not.


  5. I don’t use Instagram. I still like the old fashioned gram that cooks for a long time. I do have e-lectronic mail though – is that close?


  6. Instagram somewhat baffles me. I have no idea how people remember to post photos all the time.

    That said, when I start drinking, it seems like a far better idea. Note: it isn’t. At least when drinking.


    • Sarah, I wonder if I’d remember to use it! I like what I see there, but am not certain I want to contribute to it. Sounds like it might be work-y. Keeping your advice in mind, I’ll disregard any ideas I have about joining Instagram when I’m drinking. Must make this decision sober. 😉

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  7. Instagram seems to be the place where kids are hanging out these days, now that us old fogeys (sp?) have taken over Facebook. I’m not on it and think I’ll wait it out. Something else will come along soon!


    • Joan, you’re probably right about the demographics of Instagram. I’m not on FB anymore, but the idea of Instagram appeals to me. It seems cool. However, I’d only do it IF I had a specific theme for my account– and so far nothing has revealed itself to me!


  8. I am on IG. I laughed at my husband when he first joined: “Pictures? I love words! What do I want a bunch of pictures for?”

    I then left FB and IG became my (much kinder, gentlet) FB.

    I love seeing things that really reflect peoples’ individual lives, but usually pass right on by inspirational posters.


    • Deborah, you give me hope that IG is a good place be. [Dear lord, I’m rhyming.]

      I left FB years ago because life is too short for “friendly” hate and libel, but IG is sounding like something I could enjoy. I like kindness, but will follow your lead and ignore inspiration. A woman’s gotta know her limits!

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  9. I’m on instagram, but use it to look at others’ photos and only when I remember. I’m too wordy to put up any of my own and I don’t find the interface very friendly.


    • Margaret, I’ll look for you if I join. In theory I like this idea, but do I want to get involved with yet another group of people, asks the introvert? 😉


  10. I’m not on Instagram. I recently linked my twitter and FB to save time. 😉 Instagram sounds fun though. Hope you’ll let us know how it goes!


    • Kourtney, I’m still trying to decide if I want to get involved with Instagram, but if I do you can be assured that eventually I’ll have something to write about it. How could I not? 😉


  11. I love the idea of the kitchen table (and surrounding) photos, how lovely! I have an instagram account but just to post pictures of my dog (so I don’t bother all of you bloggers with countless photos of her, haha!). And it’s been great as all these wonderful dog people have followed me so now I’m part of a lovely dog community there!


    • Letizia, I enjoyed that kitchen table blog whose name I forget. It was a fascinating.

      I like how you’re using Instagram. That’s what I was thinking of doing– pick a theme, then only show photos about it. Keep it simple, keep it focused.

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